Assuming you have been to an Indian eatery then you probably attempted this exemplary dish, roasted chicken or chicken baked.

The dish gets its name from the mud broiler 'oven' used to cook it in. The chicken is marinated in yogurt and fragrant Indian flavors. It has a particular red shading which is really added consumable food doesn't tone and does anything to the taste. Customarily, barbecued in the dirt stove, be that as it may, this should likewise be possible on a BBQ or home broiler.



Assuming that you love preparing Indian food, then, at that point, this is perhaps the simplest dish you can make.

The flavors utilized are exemplary Indian flavors that you likely have available.

This is the ideal dish to make for a BBQ or when you have visitors over on the grounds that it is easier and simple to make.

Preparation of chicken - 10 mins

Preparation of marinade - 10 mins

Marinate chicken - as long as 12 hours

Barbecue chicken - 45 minutes

It very well may be presented with naan, chapati, biryani, pilaf - the conceivable outcomes are inestimable. Furthermore the extras can be utilized in sandwiches and wraps.


Chicken - For the broiler prepared strategy, the best chicken to use for baked is chicken with bones like chicken things and legs. Boneless chicken works best on a BBQ. Likewise, chicken bosom can dry out effectively, so it is generally not suggested for this dish.

Yogurt - You need to utilize thick yogurt with flavors, that will cover the chicken. In this way, Greek yogurt turns out best for baked. Low-fat yogurt will have abundance dampness that will keep the marinade from adhering to the chicken.

Flavors - We have utilized the exemplary species cumin, coriander, turmeric, cayenne. These are accessible in many stores nowadays. You can likewise utilize a readymade roasted flavor blend. Simply follow the bearings on the container.

Ginger/Garlic - In Indian cooking, these are constantly utilized new, not dry powder. They do have a colossal effect in flavor.

Fenugreek - These are leaves - likewise called Indian methi. This is discretionary and gives the dish a valid flavor. It adds a somewhat severe taste, which praises the remainder of the fixings perfectly.

Garam masala - Similar to curry powder, garam masala is additionally an Indian zest blend, that is handily found in many grocery stores in any case, can likewise be made yourself.



Defrost the chicken something like an hour prior to baking. Clean, skin, wash and wipe off the chicken with a perfect paper towel.

tip - Frozen or wet chicken will result in an excess of fluid in the marinade, in addition to the marinade won't adhere to it.

Cut profound cuts on the chicken legs and thighs with a paring blade.

tip - Slashes on the chicken will assist it with retaining more flavor.

In an big bowl, consolidate all the marinade fixings, yogurt, ginger, garlic, flavors, lemon juice, salt, pepper, fenugreek, and oil.

tip - Always utilize treated steel, glass, or plastic for marinades as lemon can respond with aluminum and give the food a metallic taste.

Then, cover the chicken pieces with the yogurt marinade. Making a point to let the marinade gets into the cuts on the chicken. Marinate the chicken for an hour on the ledge or short-term in the ice chest.

tip - The more you marinate the chicken the more delightful it will be. Yet, don't marinate for longer than 12 hours.


Preheat your broiler to 440°F/220°C Gas Mark 7 for somewhere around 20 minutes.

Line a baking plate with aluminum foil. Place a wire rack on the highest point of the baking plate. Shower the aluminum foil and rack with oil splash so the chicken won't stick. On the other hand, you can utilize a broiling rack.

tip - When baking, the chicken marinade will dribble suffocate so an aluminum foil before the rack will make for simple cleanup.

Organize chicken pieces on the wire rack smooth side down. Heat for 20 minutes on one side, turn the chicken and prepare an additional 20 minutes on the opposite side until cooked on all sides.

tip - If vital, turn the grill on for the last 5 to 7 minutes. However, observe cautiously as searing too long can likewise dry the chicken.



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