An egg is known to be an incredible source of protein, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, plus minerals. This nutrient list includes calcium, iron, and potassium as well. All of these nutrients are suitable and beneficial for human body development. Eggs are healthier than you can imagine and they do not have more calories. With these factors in mind, you need to include eggs in your well-balanced and healthy diet. Eggs can be added to several dishes and they can also be prepared in several ways.
Most people wonder about the number of calories contained in one egg. The amount differs depending on the size of the egg. Let us discuss the number of calories as single egg contains?

How Many Calories are in 1 Egg?
The amount of calories that are contained in one egg differs on the way the egg will be prepared, served, and its source. Below are details about the number of calories available in an egg according to the research conducted by USDA.

•       Small - 1.3oz has 54 calories
•       Medium - 1.6oz has 63 calories
•       Large - 1.8oz has 72 calories
Hard-boiled egg
•       1.8oz hard-boiled egg contains 78 calories
•       10 g of a hard-boiled egg contains 16 calories
Calories in Fried Egg
•       1.6oz fried egg contains 92 calories
•       1oz of a fried egg contains 57 calories
•       10g of a fried egg contains 20 calories
Cooked, poached egg
•       1.8oz poached egg contains 74 calories.
•       1oz of poached egg consists of 42 calories.
•       10 g of poached egg consists of 15 calories.
Calories available in raw turkey egg
•       2.8oz contains 135 calories
•       1oz contains 48 calories
•       10g contains 17 calories
Calories available in a raw duck egg
•       2.5oz contains 130 calories
•       1oz consists of 52 calories
•       10 g has 19 calories
Calories available in a raw goose egg
•       5.1oz has 266 calories
•       1oz has 52 calories
•       10 g has 19 calories
Calories that a raw quail egg has
•       0.3oz has 49 calories
•       1oz has 45 calories
•       10g has 16 calories

Importance of calories
A human requires calories to live. Minus energy, cells in a human body would die, lungs and the heart would stop. Other organs will be unable to carry out the basic processes. However, you need to consume just the amount of calories required every day to be healthy. When calorie consumption is low or high it leads to health issues.
A man requires about 2,700 kcal in a day and an average woman requires about 2,200 kcal in a day. Remember that eggs have attained a bad reputation due to their cholesterol content. A single egg can consist of 186 mg of cholesterol which is concerned. However, the recommended calories per day intake depend on numerous factors. Some include;
•    Physical activity
•    General health
•    Sex
•    Height
•    Weight
•    Body shape

As seen above, the number of calories available in eggs differs by how the egg is cooked, the variety of egg, and the size. Eggs don’t just add calories to our bodies, it also helps in improving the function of the brain, boosting eyesight, preventing gout, developing muscles and lowering the dangers of stroke.

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How Many Calories are in 1 Egg?