How many Countries in Africa?

Among the seven continents in the world, Africa is the second largest continent by geographic area. Africa is a continent with 54 independent countries and a diverse mix of native peoples, cultures, economy, and history, and is considered by many scientists to be the genesis of mankind. It is home to enormous deserts, tropical rain forests, steep mountains, and rich meadows, and its scenic beauty are truly breath-taking. It is home to diverse flora and fauna that no other continent could even reach nearby. In this article, lets explore how many countries in Africa?

Countries in Africa
According to United Nations, there are 54 countries in Africa with 2 states under dispute and several other territories. More than 2000 languages are spoken on the continent across different countries. Due to certain political issues, history of colonialism and ongoing insurrections in many countries, Africa still has no exact count of officially recognized countries.
Africa is having the youngest population of all the continents and the poorest continent by a wide margin. Nigeria is the largest and most populous country in Africa with a population of 211 million people. Even the countries with smaller areas like Rwanda and Burundi are having large population of 13.2 million and 12.2 million respectively.

Below is the list of 54 countries of Africa.
1.    Nigeria
2.    Ethiopia
3.    Egypt
4.    DR Congo
5.    Tanzania
6.    South Africa
7.    Kenya
8.    Uganda
9.    Algeria
10.    Sudan
11.    Morocco
12.    Angola
13.    Mozambique
14.    Ghana
15.    Madagascar
16.    Cameroon
17.    Côte d’Ivoire
18.    Niger
19.    Burkina Faso
20.    Mali
21.    Malawi
22.    Zambia
23.    Senegal
24.    Chad
25.    Somalia
26.    Zimbabwe
27.    Kenya
28.    Rwanda
29.    Benin
30.    Burundi
31.    Tunisia
32.    South Sudan
33.    Togo
34.    Sierra Leone
35.    Libya
36.    Congo
37.    Liberia
38.    Central African Republic
39.    Mauritania
40.    Eritrea
41.    Namibia
42.    Gambia
43.    Botswana
44.    Gabon
45.    Lesotho
46.    Guinea-Bissau
47.    Equatorial Guinea
48.    Mauritius
49.    Eswatini
50.    Djibouti
51.    Comoros
52.    Cabo Verde
53.    Sao Tome & Principe
54.    Seychelles

Other Disputed Territories of Africa
•    Western Sahara: Disputed territory not recognised by the UN. Once upon a time it used to be a Spanish colony. The areas is under conflict and is claimed by Morocco and Polisario Front.

•    Somaliland: A country once declared to be independent by the government in 1991, but no single country or major international body affirms it.

•    Réunion: Part of Eurozone and is owned by the France. Therefore not added to the UN list of countries.

•    St. Helena: One of the beautiful and safest remote islands on the planet. It is one of the oldest British overseas territories.

•    Mayotte: This land is also owned by France. It is found in the middle of Madagascar and Mozambique.

Richest countries of Africa
Nigeria is believed to be the richest country of the African Continent. Some of the richest countries of African continent in descending order are:
•    Nigeria
•    South Africa
•    Egypt
•    Algeria
•    Morocco
•    Kenya

Poorest Countries in Africa
Some of the poorest countries of African continent are:
•    Burundi
•    The Democratic Republic
•    The Central African Republic of the Congo
•    Eritrea
•    Liberia

Safest parts of Africa
In Africa there are only few countries which we can safely visit over. They are:
•    Rwanda
•    Botswana
•    Mauritius
•    Namibia
•    Seychelles
•    Ethiopia
•    Morocco
•    Lesotho

Which are the 3 top unsafe countries in Africa?
•    Somalia
•    South Sudan
•    Central African Republic (CAR)

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