How many zodiac signs are there?

Astrology is the real science and you will be astonished about how accurate it is. Different zodiac signs have different strengths and weaknesses, personalities, attitudes, and values. Billions of years ago, scientists predicted the personality of a person by analyzing the position of planets and stars at the moment of birth. This article provides a basic idea about how many zodiacs are there and how they are different.
In short, there are twelve zodiac signs categorized into four zodiac elements namely
•    Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
•    Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
•    Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
•    Water (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio)
Each of them represents a type of energy that helps us understand our positive and negative traits. Let's understand each zodiac, its characters, and its ideologies in detail.

Air signs
: Air signs love to socialize, communicate, and build relationships. They are intellectual, friendly, analytical, and value freedom over anything. Like the air, their minds never stay in one place. They need constant stimulation and hate routine life.
Fire signs: They are the passionate ones who are loving, energetic, and unpredictable. Mostly they are short-tempered people with beautiful hearts. They are mentally strong, intelligent, creative, adventurous, and inspire others.
Earth signs: Earth signs are the most grounded and humble beings. They fall for loyalty, genuine people, and luxury. They are practical, analytical, stable, loyal, and you can feel at home with them.
Water signs: They are emotional, sensitive, and intuitive beings. Their emotions run deep as an ocean and they fall for deep conversations. They are always supportive and protective of their loved ones.

1.    Aries: Aries are competitive and dynamic fire signs. They are bold, ambitious, and love to come in the first place.
2.    Taurus: Who loves comfort, luxury, and loyalty the most? No wonder it's Taurus. The bulls are the most grounded, stable, and loyal beings.
3.    Gemini: The twins are the most adorable, intellectual, spontaneous, and curious zodiac. They are very good communicators and love trying new things.
4.    Cancer: The Crabs of the zodiac, cancers, belong to both emotional and material realms. They have amazing psychic and intuitive abilities. Cancerians value trust over anything.
5.    Leo: Represented by lions, Leo's are passionate, furious, and the zodiac kings. They are royal, fiery, and love spotlights. No wonder they admire themselves the most and are a complete family person.
6.    Virgo: Virgos are the perfectionists of the zodiac who want everything in order. They are logical, practical, and give you the best advice. They are diligent, humble, and grounded personalities.
7.    Libra: Their life is all about balance, harmony, and justice. Represented by the scales, Libra loves to establish equilibrium. You can say that they are the sweetest and nicest people on the earth.
8.    Scorpio: Scorpios are the mysterious and most misunderstood zodiac. They are emotional, wise, and intuitive. They can be hard to understand and value loyalty the most.
9.    Sagittarius: Represented by the archer, they are the absorbers of knowledge, humorous, and the most adventurous signs.
10.    Capricorn: They value their time and know the art of patience, perseverance, and dedication for success. They get attracted to responsible people and are hard workers.
11.    Aquarius: They are water bearers with the ability to rule the world. They are innovative, genius, and revolutionary signs. They make this world a better place but they find it hard to express their emotions.
12.    Pisces: Pisces or the fishes are the most empathetic, sensitive, and intuitive zodiacs. They are the old souls with all the life lessons who perfectly balance fantasy and reality.
If you understand zodiacs, you can understand people very well.

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