How Much Does It Cost to Build an On-Demand Car Trading App Like Truecar?

The world is becoming more digital day by day as the usage of smartphones is expanding. People now use mobile apps for almost everything, for instance, shopping online, booking movie tickets, binge-watching shows, and more.

Building a high-performing mobile app will not help you reach your desired business goals but also help in building strong business relations with the user. As a result, you can build brand loyalty and expand your business at an unprecedented rate. If you have a car trading business, developing an aesthetically-pleasing app design with an interactive user interface is advisable.

While looking for a mobile app development company, the first question that concerns every business owner is the cost of building a car trading app.

The blog has mentioned the top 5 factors that can affect the car trading app development cost.       


Car Trading App Development Cost Based on Different Phases

Discovery Phase

You can begin the car trading app development process with the discovery phase. Business owners will identify the app's ideas, goals, and objectives. They will also do app prototyping to find out the app design issues, and the cost will vary.

The estimated cost of building a car trading app at the discovery phase ranges between $15,000 to $20,000; however, the price will differ based on the app's complexity and feature integration.

Begin the App Development Process

After determining your app’s goals and objectives, it is time to begin with the actual app development process. App developers will start with the coding process and turn the app idea into reality by following a proper development method.
In this stage, entrepreneurs will pick the suitable app development platform based on their business requirements & budget. The app development cost for the iOS or Android platform might cost you over $50,000. However, the price will change as more features you will integrate into your car trading app for a smooth user experience.

Car Trading App Security

Maintaining the app's security is crucial as your potential users will share their information, which should be protected from any malicious activity.
Also, the top-notch security in your car trading app will boost the confidence of users while accessing your app. Therefore, you must provide excellent security to generate higher revenues. As a result, it might affect your app development cost; however, it will be worth it.
Business owners spend approximately $70 to $320 monthly to maintain the security of their car trading app.

Mobile App Testing

Another cost-affecting factor of a car trading app is the testing procedure. You must ensure that your app performs well and delivers a smooth user experience. Therefore, you must invest in app testing to ensure that your car trading app is functional.
Mobile app development companies have a proper QA team that eliminates the risk of errors or glitches and delivers a flawless user experience. The quality assurance team knows proper app testing techniques that ensure the app’s reliability, usability, and stability. On average, the car trading app testing cost ranges between $5,000 to $10,000.

Post-Delivery App Maintenance

It is important to offer post-delivery app maintenance to ensure the app works properly and delivers a smooth user experience. It is advisable to provide app maintenance and support services based on the ongoing market trends, the latest version of the iOS or Android platforms, advancement in app design, feature updates, etc.
On average, maintaining a car trading app can cost you around 20% of the entire app development cost. For instance, if you have built your app for $100,000, you will be spending approximately $20,000 to maintain the app.


There is no fixed price for building a car trading app, as it depends on various factors. In simple words, the more advanced features you integrate into your car trading app, the more money you need to spend, and it will be worth it.

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