How Much Does It Cost to Create A Travel App in 2023?

With the increase in digitalization in almost every sector, travel industries have realized the importance of digital transformation in the current market. Analyzing the current scenario, most business owners are availing of travel app development services to develop their mobile apps.

According to Statista, the total revenue generated from travel apps worldwide was approximately $0.3 billion in 2021. According to the Statista Digital Market Outlook estimates, this value is expected to increase, reaching an estimated value of approximately $0.54 billion by 2026.

As entrepreneurs are willing to develop their travel apps, their foremost concern is the development cost of a travel app. This blog will guide you in knowing the estimated cost of building a travel app based on various factors.

Factors Affecting The Travel App Development Cost In 2023

1) Complexity Of the App

One of the crucial factors affecting the travel app development cost is the app's complexity. When you are planning to develop a mobile app, it may have different levels of complexity based on functionality.

If you plan to develop an app with a basic level of complexity and functionality, the development cost varies between $80,000-$1,50,000.

If you plan to develop an app with moderate complexity and functionality, the development cost varies between $90,000-$2,00,000.

If you plan to develop a highly featured app with complex functionality, the development cost may go up to $3,00,000. The above-mentioned cost is estimated once and may vary depending on the app’s complexity.

2) Choosing the Right Platform

Being a business owner, it becomes your responsibility to provide your customers with the right platform. Choosing the right platform for the development of your travel app is also one of the important factors that determine the development cost.

You have the option to choose Android or iOS or develop the app in cross-platform. Talking about the development cost, it may vary between $80,000-$1,80,000.  

3) Integrating The Right Features

As you have planned to develop a travel app, integrating the right features is equally important to make your app unique and compete with the current market. Some essential features that you may consider for travel app development are:

i) Integrating login/signup features

ii) Online booking and easy cancellation panel

iii) Maps & Navigation

iv) Travel Guide Option

v) Easy & Multiple Payment Options

vi) Geo-tracking

vii) Rating, reviews, and feedback option

As you integrate these features into the app, the travel app development cost may vary between $80,000-$2,00,000 or even more, depending on the app features.

4) Hiring The Right Resource

After all, you have to hire the best resource based on your research to develop the app. Take this step a bit seriously because one small mistake can spoil your entire project.

Before you hire the best developers for your project, start with market research, look at their company page, analyze their past work and portfolio, and look at the reviews and ratings they have received from their past clients; based on that, you can hire the best resource.

An experienced developer or a reputed travel app development company may charge you between $1,50,000-$2,00,000 or even more.


The cost of mobile app development can be a vast topic as it depends upon multiple factors.

However, this blog has helped you to know some essential factors that affect the development cost of a travel app. It can be the right time for you to develop an engaging and responsive travel app that meets your business standards and budget.