From cryptocurrency exchange apps to NFT marketplaces, Blockchain has gone beyond cryptocurrencies in recent years.

Technology leaders are utilizing the advanced decentralization and data operations capabilities of Blockchain to shape a result-driven business infrastructure.

It will be more independent and accessible to the participating peers.

If you are a business leader planning to build a feature-packed Blockchain application in 2023, cost estimation can be a crucial project component to identify.

This blog post will highlight the primary cost-driving components for any Blockchain app development project with dedicated costs for a few Blockchain app types.

Cost-Driving Factors of Blockchain App Development

1. Niche

Enterprises of different scales and niches are investing into the development of Blockchain applications.

From healthcare to FinTech, Blockchain technology has found its use cases in diverse industry applications.

The type of niche defines 20 to 50% of the overall costs in a Blockchain project.

2. Developer Experience

Competency is a crucial factor while building a Blockchain application.

You must hire developers that possess relatable and adequate experience in Blockchain app development.

Onboarding experienced developers in your Blockchain app project may affect the overall costs of development by 30-60%.

3. App Complexity

Blockchain architecture can be implemented into complex applications.

The process can comprise fundamental functionalities and utilities.

Such complexities within your app architecture can define the potential that your app can bring to the end-customers, creators, and business owners.

App complexity can weigh 40 to 70% of your project costs.

4. Team Strength

With a large team strength, you get a diversity of skillset. You get more options to pick talent for your project.

Team strength can play a critical role in defining the final cost estimation for your Blockchain app project.

A large team is also a sign of establishment and credibility. However, this may always be the case for every project.

Different team strengths can create varying impacts on Blockchain app development costs. It can affect the overall costs by 30 to 60%.

5. Personalization

Blockchain is touching enterprises and individual application users with its dynamic capabilities.

Blockchain app developers are helping businesses to personalize what they offer to the end-users through these applications and services.

You can personalize your applications using the latest development tools and industry insights.

Personalization can impact 40-70% of the overall project costs.

6. Type of Blockchain App

From NFTs to cryptocurrency trading, Blockchain is creating a significant impact over a large portion of application requirements.

The market is growing fast and adapting new features and functionalities that provide a boom to the business leaders investing in this vibrant technology and its resources.

For cryptocurrency exchange apps, you may need to invest anywhere between $70,000 and $200,000.

NFT marketplace development costs can range between $60,000 to $300,000.

7. Hiring and Service Delivery Approach

Whenever you are looking for a Blockchain app development company, it becomes vital to choose sophisticated ways to manage the project.

You can consider an agile development model to manage your resources and build your applications more effectively.

The type of tools, trends, and techniques you choose can create significant impacts over how you approach a service provider.

It may affect the overall costs of development by a margin as significant as between 40 and 60%.


Now that you understand the primary cost-driving factors for Blockchain app development, you have an opportunity to utilize advanced offerings of this technology.

From prototyping to testing and delivering the final product, it may take anywhere between $50,000 to $300,000 to design and develop a Blockchain application.

You can consult a Blockchain app development company to help you create a deployable project plan that focuses on all primary parameters.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Blockchain App in 2023?