Surgeons are highly skilled medical professionals who are certified and trained to administer surgeries on patients with various health issues. Their skillset is far different from that of general physicians so it their earning.  Have you been wondering how much does a surgeon make in a year? You have come to the right place! By reading this article, you can find out what a surgeon makes in a year in different major cities and states. .

Responsibilities of a surgeon

A surgeon is a highly skilled doctor who has been trained to perform various kinds of surgeries. Only a highly qualified doctor who has received surgery degree, trained for years and passed several exams can become a surgeon. It is a highly coveted position. Many doctors aim to become surgeons. It is a highly prestigious as well as a stressful job as they are working to save lives. They have to be very careful and precise. However, the pay is excellent. Each surgery is essential, and patients pay immense amounts of money to get their surgery done. A surgeon treats patients who require specific surgeries to get better or any physical modification. Surgeons are head of a team of doctors and nurses in the operating room.

How much do a surgeon make?

It was noted that surgeons had an average salary of around $299,489 USD per year in the United States of America in 2021. However, a recent study conducted in March 2022 found that surgeons are paid nearly 410,305 USD per year. Therefore, the typical salary of a surgeon in the United States of America starts at around 346,989 USD and can go up to 486,968 USD. A surgeon’s salary varies widely based on several factors, such as your qualifications, education, the amount of experience you have, the number of years you have worked under another experienced surgeon, extra skills that can make you a better surgeon, etc. There are different kinds of surgeons, such as oral surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, general surgeons, etc.
For example, an orthopaedic surgeon earns around USD 508,110 in the United States of America. The average range for the salary of an orthopaedic surgeon is generally between 399,480 USD and 657,340 USD. The median salary of an oral surgeon in the USA in 2020 was USD 208,000. The top 25 per cent of surgeons in the USA made around 208,000 USD, while the lowest-paid 25 per cent of oral surgeons made around 156,210 USD. The surgeon's annual income varies widely depending on the type of surgery and the specialization. The kind of hospital you work in also plays a significant role in your yearly income as a surgeon. If you work in a reputed hospital or are affiliated with a famous hospital or clinic, you are likely to get more clients. If you have a vast network of surgeons, you will receive many recommendations from general physicians which will significantly increase your income.

Highest paying cities in the United States of America for Surgeons

The location where you decide to work matters significantly, affecting your salary. Surgeons are paid differently depending on the city they live in. If you want to make the most money as a surgeon, the major cities you should move to are Akron, Sioux City, Lincoln, Colorado Springs, and Baton Rouge. These top metropolitan cities are the best for surgeons. Sioux City, Iowa, has the highest-paid surgeons of all the towns mentioned. The average salary of a surgeon in Sioux City, Iowa, is USD 305,480 per year.
You can expect an annual salary of around 297,710 USD if you work as a surgeon in Akron, Ohio. It is the second-highest-paying city for surgeons. In Colorado Springs, Colorado, you can quickly get a salary starting at around 288,050 USD. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is another great city to move to if you are a surgeon. The average yearly salary for a surgeon in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is nearly 291,510 USD. In Lincoln, Nebraska, surgeons who are just starting their practise can expect a salary of around 296,150 USD. You should aim for prestigious hospitals or clinics in this city to get the highest compensation possible. The experience and exposure that big hospitals can give you is a good plus point.

Highest paying states in the United States of America for Surgeons

Some of the highest paying districts and cities in the United States of America for surgeons are Kentucky, South Dakota, Oregon, Maryland, and South Carolina. The states mentioned above provide some of the highest average salaries for surgeons out of all the states in the United States of America. You can expect the highest salary if you move to South Carolina. In South Carolina, surgeons make around USD 295,380 per year. You can live comfortably in the city with this salary. In Kentucky, you can expect a salary of approximately 292,350 USD per year. It has some of the top hospitals for you to apply to.
Leading surgeons in South Dakota get paid about 290,730 USD per year. You should move to Oregon if you are a newly qualified surgeon and want to build some experience. Oregon offers a salary of around $293,170 to its surgeons annually. If you are a surgeon, Maryland is a great state to move to. The hospitals are plentiful, with many top surgeons and doctors working in Maryland. A surgeon can expect an annual salary of around 287,900 USD. All the states mentioned here provide excellent opportunities for surgeons and a decent wage.


Being a surgeon is a highly regarded profession worldwide. This profession is highly competitive as well because of the high salaries. By opting this noble profession, you can save lives and earn the respect as well. The years of hard work and study that it takes to become a surgeon are rewarded eventually because of the high salary. You can get a high salary as a surgeon by working anywhere in the USA. However, the cities and states mentioned above are particularly well known for providing the highest salaries to surgeons.

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How much does surgeon make?