How much is Netflix?

If you love movies and television shows, Netflix is the best one-stop entertainment junction for you. This streaming giant has made a place in people's hearts. Majority of people has a Netflix subscription today. If not, friends share their Netflix login details with each other, so everyone has access to the quality content available. Netflix movies and shows are exciting and have a vast following instantly. If you want to watch movies similar to your taste, Netflix has algorithms in place to help you find similar movies and shows to watch. It recommends the trending section and the best movies on Netflix. Read on to see the prices of different Netflix subscriptions and choose the best plan that suits your needs.

Choosing the best plan

Netflix offers one of the most extensive libraries of top movies and TV shows. It is still one of the top streaming services, even with a lot of competition. Netflix has different plans for its subscribers. You need to figure out your needs and preferences before buying a plan. If you are not a film enthusiast but just want some entertainment, the most basic plan would work for you. You would just have to pay around $10 for it, which is way less than what you would have to pay for other streaming services such as Hulu. However, if you need higher resolution and more profiles on your Netflix account, you can upgrade to a different plan that would cost you around USD 20 per month.

Subscription plans

Considering the different entertainment needs of viewers, Netflix offers three different subscription plans. These are basic, standard, or premium plans. Even if you choose the most basic plan, you will get access to all the movies and shows available to a premium plan subscriber. The content available for all three plans is the same. The video resolution is a significant difference between the basic, standard, and premium plans. Another significant difference between the three (basic, standard, and premium) Netflix subscription plans is the number of people allowed to use the same Netflix account. It is common for people to use one account and share it with friends and family.

Basic plan

The most basic plan only offers standard definition, which is not the best streaming quality. Those who are unable to afford the more expensive options should opt for the basic plan. If you are not bothered by having the best quality videos, the basic plan is perfect for you. The basic plan only allows one person to use the Netflix account at a time. The cost for the basic plan in the United States of America is USD 10 per month.

Standard plan

The standard plan offers videos in Full HD. This is a step above the basic plan video quality, but still not the best. The HD quality is preferred by many people over the basic plan. The standard Netflix plan costs $15.50 per month.

Premium plan

The most expensive one i.e. the premium plan allows you to watch Netflix movies in 4K Ultra HD. It offers you the most unique and immersive experience of watching your favorite Netflix movies and shows. It enables you to share your account with three other people. It will allow you to share your account with three of your friends or family members. Four family members or friends can use the Netflix account simultaneously and watch shows at the same time on their own devices. The premium plan costs you $20 every month. If you want the best quality Netflix subscription plan, you can split the cost with your four friends and enjoy the premium plan for just USD 5 each month.
Netflix is one of the few streaming services that have reserved features such as HDR, Dolby Atmos, and 4K for more expensive plans.

DVD rental service

Netflix has not abandoned DVDs and offers a rental service that delivers DVDs by mail. This was how people watched their favourite movies before the popularity of streaming services. They used to rent their favourite movies whenever they felt like watching them. This was popular before 2010, before smartphones, smart TVs, and Roku devices. Renting a DVD or a Blu-ray isn't possible from the official Netflix site. You can access the treasure trove of DVDs available on Netflix through You can subscribe to different plans, similar to the streaming plans on Netflix, to rent DVDs. If you get the standard Netflix subscription plan, which costs around USD 10 per month, you will get unlimited access to thousands of DVDs and Blu-rays. However, you can only borrow one disc at a time. If you want more than one disc at a time, you can subscribe to the premium plan. To upgrade to a premium plan, you need to pay around USD 20 per month, which will allow you to borrow two discs at the same time.

The best subscription plan

If you are new to Netflix and trying to decide which plan to choose, try the standard plan or the premium plan first. They will allow you to experience the vast library of movies and shows on Netflix in the highest quality. Both the plans will enable you to view your favourite video content in full HD quality. The poor stream quality may turn you off if you try the basic plan first. If you subscribe to the basic plan, you won't be able to share your account with anyone else or use your Netflix account on different devices.


Having a Netflix subscription is a must to access the most premium entertainment content in today's world. Many new shows are added to Netflix daily for your entertainment. It is essential to be informed about the different features and prices of the three plans offered by Netflix when buying a Netflix subscription. Hope after reading this detailed article about Netflix plans and features, you will better know which plan suits your entertainment needs.

Note: This article is meant for general awareness of the readers. Kindly visit the official website of Netflix to know about the recent price plans and features.

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