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How tall is K2 ?

K2 being the second highest peak world-wide is 28,251 ft high. the peak is second to Mount Everest. K2 is situated on the popular Karakoram Range. A part is situated within the Chinese-occupied Kashmir region and some part comes in the beautiful Gilgit Baltistan region of Kashmir (Pakistan).

Basically, the snow-covered mountain rises above from its base about 4,570 feet at Godwin Austen Glacier, tributary of the Baltoro Glacier. The name was given as a tribute to first peacekeeper, Col. Godwin Austen, an English geographer of 19thcentury.

K2 weather:

Because K2 tends to have frequent and severe storms that make climbing conditions that are already tricky on their slopes even more challenging - and people find working at such heights difficult - it is one of the hardest climbs. The number of people who reached the summit is only a small fraction compared to how many successfully climbed Mount Everest.

there can be no contradiction that K2 is at another level in terms of risk, with a mortality rate of about 25% compared to Everest minute compared to 5%. Moreover, no one has ever tried to climb K2 in the winter, which means that the mortality rate during this period will probably exceed the current 25%.

K2 base camp:

The K2 base camp in Pakistan is one of the best hiking destinations in the world. The Trekkers follow the rocky trail that reaches the top of the huge Baltoro Glacier, passing through a large theater of skyscrapers.

The K2 base camp tour lasts 14 days in total (up and down), and starts in the village of Askole. Coming from this small green area, the mighty Karakoram does not take long to express its beauty.

Tips for climbing base camp include the following:

  • The only accommodation available throughout the trip is camping
  • It is common for carriers to carry your items.
  • The best months to travel to Karakoram are July and August
  • To go to the K2 camp outsiders must have a licensed guide for them and obtain a Certificate of Non-Compliance at the Skardu tourism office.
  • Read Mountain History.
  • Be physically and financially prepared.
  • Tent, warm clothing, gloves, socks, hiking boots, snow ax, trekking pole, latch hooks, battery pack, first aid kit, reusable water bottle, sun cream, lip balm, and non-abrasive disinfectant.
  • Be prepared for a climate that includes wind, rain, snow, and extremely low temperatures, especially at night.
  • climbers should be fit and healthy and have experienced at least one steep climb before.

Interesting facts:

K2 was originally named after a British explorer named T.G. Mongomerie back in 1852. ‘K’ was referring to the mountain range of Karakoram, and ‘2 ’refers to the fact that it was the second highest recorded in the region.

The K2 Base Camp Trek is not a walk in the park but if you know what it means to walk on a high ground, you will respect the trip, but you will not find it really difficult. With the right fitness and the right mindset, anyone can make this journey. The point when you take a trip like this is to take it easy, stick to the travel plan and go up and down, making sure your familiarity is up to standard.

The article concludes interesting facts about K2.

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