How the pyramids were built?

Egyptian pyramids are easy to understand why people are so fascinated by them. The construction of these structures is a mystery. You probably do not believe conspiracy theories that claim they were constructed by aliens, but they were not constructed by slave labor. When people created some of the largest structures on Earth 8,000 years ago, how did they do it?

Despite a new discovery, we're still not sure - but it could give us a lot more insight. It is not true that slaves built the Egyptian pyramids, even if it is more reasonable than theories about ancient aliens or lizard people. Classical literature used by slave apologists contains creative interpretations of Old Testament stories and Technicolor Cecil B. Demille spectacles.. For centuries, Egyptian scholars have grappled with the concept, writes Eric Betz in Discover. The pyramids were not built by slaves, he emphasizes emphatically.

The building of the pyramids:

•  The construction of the pyramids is one of history's oldest and most difficult mysteries.
•  Scholars and scientists have reviewed this question over and over again throughout history.
• The Great Pyramids of Giza and the other pyramids, more than 100 Egyptian pyramids, are considered the greatest works of human engineering and architecture.
•  After over 4,500 years, these monuments are still standing strong and remain an unsolved mystery.
•  Ancient Egyptian scriptures may help us understand a bit better how such monuments were constructed.
•  Our planet has the oldest known structures made by mankind out of limestone or mudbrick. Researchers speculated that action may have involved some type of ramp, and that's a rather reasonable assumption.
•  There's no five-story crane when they're in this situation. How do you know there was such a ramp? There were no results from the research.

Pyramids were built by:

•  Due to the steepness of the ramp - about 20 degrees or more - and the height of the stone, this would have been particularly challenging.
•  In a new discovery at another quarry, we may be able to learn how ancient people accomplished such a feat.
•  They were well fed and housed while they worked there as elite construction workers.
•  Harvard Magazine's Jonathan Shaw reports that "most Egyptologists believe the pyramids were built in a modular, team-based system," including Mark Lehner.

Many historians and scientists have been baffled by the techniques used to build the Egyptian pyramids for many years. The site displays graffiti with team names such as "Friends of Khufu" and "Drunkards of Menkaure." Many theories exist about the construction of the pyramids. The quarries were thought to have been carved with copper chisels. After the stones were transported into place, they were lifted. But, the method by which they were moved and positioned has been a point of contention. There is also a great deal of controversy about the form of the workforce.

Some theories suggest slaves built the pyramids, while others state they were built by skilled workers for a salary. A three-phase process followed by the workforce was highly organized and planned, and the workforce was managed to the highest level.

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