How to be more attractive

What does being more attractive mean in your own opinion?

Does being more attractive has anything to do with facial beauty?

Being more attractive goes beyond looks, it extends to how you feel about yourself, how you carry yourself and how you treat people around you. The totality of the aura around you.

Why you ain't attractive
You're very beautiful yet you walk with your head and shoulders down
You don't believe in yourself
You hardly smile
You always get into trouble with everyone

How to look more attractive

1. Compliment others
Compliment has been a two-way thing yet a few know about this. Giving a genuine compliment to others is one of the easiest ways to boost your confidence.

Being attractive has a lot to do with how people perceive you. To recieve love of others you must give them love too. So when you compliment others, you make them happy.

When this is practiced for a long time would increase your self esteem and ego. And a lot of people will value and love you.

2. Smiles
Do you know smiling makes you look more inviting? Girls who smile easily are easier to talk to hence they are more approachable.

Smiling will not only make you more attractive but also will attract hoard of friends to you.

And you already know that the kind of people you associate with determine how attractive you will look. In as much as it is good to smile, most importantly don't overdo it.

3. Affirm positivity always
You shouldn't wait everytime for people to point out your good qualities. And you shouldn't dwell or beat yourself up on those areas you are flopping.

No. Noticing positive qualities in you and appreciating and affirming how well you are, would enable you to be  more awesome in other areas.

Every morning stand by a mirror and affirm the things you like about yourself and the things you still want to achieve.

4. Stop blaming yourself
Blaming yourself always drain all your energy and reduces yourself esteem.

Studies showed that those who are negative and dwell only on the negative side of their lives have high risk of self doubt. This definitely leads to low self-esteem and you know the effects.

5. Avoid negative triggers
Pay great attention to what triggers your negative feelings. Friends, family members or environment?

Change your environment and avoid people that belittle you. Read books that uplift you.

Associating with great minds could help you see brighter sides of your life.

6. Wear sunglasses
When it comes to looking more beautiful and attractive wearing sunglasses does the magic.

According to Vanessa Brown, sunglasses add asymmetry to the face thereby making you more attractive. It shields your eyes from sunlight, preventing sunburn.

7. Get busy
Wherever you find yourself, be active and be important. I will like to put it this way, be proactive.

Always make the first move. Get out of your comfort zone and partake in happening events.

8. Have fun
Going out to visit your friends and loved ones could bring laughter and happy memories to you.

So, do it often. Love listening to music or  playing games like chess?

 Don't let the moment die away. Grab  and utilize it, it brings out the best of who you are and in turns makes you charming and attractive.

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