How to become an Amazon Seller?

We have to follow some steps to become a #Amazonseller and sell on amazon.

These steps are as follows:

Register For Amazon seller account

1. List Your Products
2. Customers place orders
3. Deliver Your Products
4. Get paid for your sales

I have already told you above that to become a seller on Amazon, you first have to create a seller account of your own.

With the help of this seller account, you can sell any product through amazon.

1. First of all you have to go to the link of “”.

2. If you already have an amazon account, then log in or click on “create your amazon account” and create a new amazon account.

3. Now you will see the page of Register & start selling. Here you have to give your company/business name.

4. Now on the same page tick the box of seller agreement shown below and continue.

5. After this a new page will open where you have to give your mobile number and verify it.

6. Now you will see a page where you have to fill in your seller information. For example, choosing a store name, selecting a product category, a business address.

7. Friends, now your amazon seller account is ready.

8. You will now see your amazon seller central dashboard where you will be able to manage everything like inventory, pricing, orders, products, etc.

By following the above steps, you can become an amazon seller within just 15 minutes and sell your products on amazon.

#Documents Needed To
sell goods on Amazon, you must have the following documents.
If you are an individual or sole proprietor, then you will need,

If you want to work as a private limited company then you will need,

1. GST Registration number
2. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
3. Copy of Memorandum of Association
4. Bank Account Number
5. Email ID
6. Contact number

Friends, today we have learnned how we can become Amazon sellers, how to create an Amazon seller account. we hope that the information given by will be useful for you.