Metabolism is the complex process with which a body converts the consumed food and fluids into energy. Metabolism speed depends on some factors which include age, body fat, sex, muscle mass, genetics, and activity level. Even when you are resting, you are still utilizing energy for carrying out basic functions including breathing, repairing cells, and circulating blood. A high metabolism signifies that one’s body breaks down calories at faster pace and he/she needs to consume more calories to maintain the body weight. High metabolism plays a crucial role in weight loss process. Faster the calories are broken, easier to lose the weight. Let us understand how one can boost body metabolism?  

How to boost metabolism
•    Include more protein in every meal: Eating food increases metabolism for some hours. It is known as the thermic food effect and is caused by extra calories needed in digesting, absorbing and processing nutrients in a meal. Protein makes the biggest rise in thermic food effect. It improves metabolic rate by 15 to 30 per cent, unlike with carbs (5–10%) and fats (0–3%).
•    Drink more water: Individuals that drink water in place of sugary drinks are successful at losing weight and keeping it off. The reason being sugary drinks have calories, thus replacing this with water automatically decreases calorie intake.
•    Take food at regular interval: Our body depends on balance and regularity. Taking food at regular times helps sustain metabolic balance. When a person consumes more, but lives a sedentary life, the body burns calories slowly and keeps more fat cells. Through eating at even times it reduces the tendency. A person needs to eat more small snacks or meals about 3 - 4 hours apart.
•    Take green tea: Green tea extract helps in promoting body metabolism. Moreover, green tea is a better alternative to sugary juices, and drinking it helps in ensuring that a person gets sufficient water in the day.
•    Decrease stress: Stress disturbs hormone levels and can cause the body to create more cortisol. Cortisol refers to a hormone that assists in regulating appetite. Increased levels of cortisol reduce testosterone level and can decrease the muscle mass as well as metabolism.
•    Consume whole grains: The body needs extra effort for breaking down whole grains compared to more refined and processed grains, including the flour used in making bread and pasta. Thus, eating whole grain meals raises metabolic rate since body needs to work harder to digest those. Whole grains high fiber food items include- Oatmeal, Brown rice, Sprouted grain bread and  Quinoa
•    Eat Spicy Foods: Peppers have capsaicin, which is a substance that boosts metabolism. Many people do not take these spices in the minimal quantities required. Eating peppers in the required amount helps in burning about 10 extra calories in every meal.
•    Take Coffee: Caffeine in coffee helps in boosting metabolism by 3 to 11%. Similar to green tea, Coffee also helps in fat burning.

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How to boost metabolism