How to build a Minecraft House?

About Minecraft

You must have all heard about Minecraft. The name is not new to anyone who loves playing games online. For those, who are still not aware about what is Minecraft, it is a sandbox game developed in 3D form by Mojang Studios. It is a multiplayer game if you play online. However, you can also play it single when in offline mode or in the absence of internet connection. This video game was designed and created in the Java programming language by Markus “Notch” Persson. After numerous testing versions, it was launched for public in 2009, May. However, it was released completely in 2011, November.
In this game, the players play by exploring a blocky, purposefully created 3D world. This self-generated Minecraft world contains a virtually unbounded territory. The players may also discover and extort raw materials along with craft items and tools to construct structures like a Minecraft house, simple machines, and few earthworks. The players compete with mobs controlled by the computer. The players might also be required to fight other players in the same world. However, this completely depends upon the game mode.

Minecraft Modes

There are five types of game modes in Minecraft – the Survival Mode, the Creative Mode, the Spectator Mode, the Adventure Mode, and the Hardcore Mode. Each of these is described briefly hereafter.

•    Survival Mode

In the survival mode the players are required to get hold of resources necessary to build the world as well as maintain health.

•    Creative Mode

On the other hand, creative mode of the game provides unlimited access to flight and resources for players. In fact, the players can also modify their game so as to create different game-play items, assets, and mechanics.

•    Spectator Mode

The spectator mode in Minecraft allows you, as a player, to fly through the blocks to watch the game-play without any direct interaction. In this mode the players have no inventory. However, they can still teleport to other players as well as get a view from other players’ angle. You can access this game mode only within Console Legacy Editions and Java Editions.

•    Adventure Mode

The adventure mode has been designed especially to provide the players with an experience of customized adventures and maps which are user-crafted. In this mode, the game-play is same as the survival mode. The only difference is the restrictions which the map creator can apply to the game world at any point of time.  With this, the players have to, forcefully, acquire the required items to experience the adventures that map creator wants you to.

•    Hardcore Mode

The hardcore mode is a type of survival mode which is locked to the hardest setting. It has permadeath. This means you are not allowed to interact with a player who is dead in the game play. You need to either delete him completely or put him to spectator mode and let him explore the world.

How to build a modern minecraft house?

Minecraft is an interesting game. One of the most important aspects of the game is to build a Minecraft house. Usually, zombies and skeletons spawn at night. Therefore, you need a house in the Minecraft world to hide from these monsters safely. In addition, the house you build also serves as the home base for the character you play in the Minecraft world.
To craft a modern Minecraft house in the Minecraft world, all you need to do is to position the blocks in a way to build walls. You can do this by placing the blocks one over the other. Then, simply place the blocks side-by-side to create a roof on the top. If you are building a preliminary house, you can use any block to serve the purpose. Even Wood, Dirt, and Cobblestone would do the job. In fact, Gravel and Sand will also work well. However, you cannot use these to build the roof of a Minecraft house, as they might fall down.
Remember, use of wood-based block can make your building vulnerable to fire. Therefore, it is better to use mined or stone blocks to build the house. Another point to remember is to include a few torches in your Minecraft house designs because usually monsters spawn when it’s dark. Yet another important aspect to include when thinking of Minecraft house design ideas is adding a door using planks. You can use these planks in the 2-by-3 form on the craft table. After putting all these things together in place, it is important that you have an area where you can hide safely at night from the monsters.

Minecraft house ideas

Your Minecraft house serves as your base in the Minecraft world. Therefore, it is important to have a few important things in your house. These include Chests (built with eight planks), a Bed (built with three wool and three planks), a Furnace (crafted with 8 Blackstone or Cobblestone), and a Table (crafted with four planks). You can craft all these things on your crafting table using the indicated ingredients.
For an advanced game-play in your Minecraft world, you will also need Bookshelves, an Enchanting Table, a Grindstone, and an Anvil. You can also opt to create this setup in a separate building. The purpose of crafting these items is to enchant armor and tools.

Decorating your minecraft house ideas

After you have crafted your Minecraft house, it’s time to decorate the house and upgrade it. You can create colorful home by making it concrete. For this, use Concrete Powder (1 dye, 4 Gravel, and 4 Sand). You can also use Buckets (3 Iron Ingots) to craft water pools. Use Sand for creating Glass Window Panes. You can also decorate the walls of your modern Minecraft house with Paintings (one Wool and eight Ingots) or even create Carpets using Wool.
Where to build your minecraft house designs
The best place to craft your Minecraft house is at the initial spawn location, specifically if you are playing in online mode with your friends. Doing so will provide them with a safe hang out spot, if the monsters spawn in at night. Moreover, it will also serve as a marker for you to know where the spawn is.
As you get more and more involved in the game-play, you can always create a better and more convoluted Minecraft house in your favorite biome.  

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