Tracking field employees’ location, task status, and availability is vital to streamline field service processes. However, field managers find it really challenging to get accurate details on their employees’ whereabouts. Do you know why? Because they lack the field employee tracking software.

The software aids in getting real-time employee visibility and live workforce monitoring. No matter where your employees are located, you’ll get a complete track of their productive and idle time spent. 

That’s not it, the best field employee monitoring software can help with employees' attendance, expense, distance traveled, leaves tracking, etc. Read ahead to learn more and how you can choose the software. 

Must-have Features to Select the Field Employee Tracking Software

Now, escape the hassle of tracking your employees through calls and emails. Use the field employee tracking software with these features and enjoy better workforce monitoring. 

  1. Automated Attendance Marking

Ensure that your field employee monitoring system consists of automated attendance marking. The feature lets employees mark their attendance from the task’s locations. They don’t require to travel to the office every time just to punch in/out. It just needed a simple tap on the field executive’s mobile app. From there, the employee’s attendance gets recorded. 

Automated attendance marking is incomplete without: 

  • Geocoded attendance marking

  • Biometric app login

  • Visual verification

All these methods bring accurate attendance data, thus eliminating the chance of buddy punching and time theft. Ensure you find them in your field employee tracking software for automated attendance marking. 

  1. Real-time Employee Tracking

From the moment employees mark their attendance, you can get a complete overview of your entire workforce. How? It’s all because of real-time employee tracking. The feature bridges the gap between you and your employees, making you seamlessly learn your employees’ current location and task status. 

Not just the employee's live location but you can also get insight into the overall distance they traveled. And with these distance traveled reports, you can assess the most productive and unproductive employees. 

  1. Leave Tracking

Manually tracking and managing employees’ leaves comes with its own set of challenges. For instance, managers have to go through overhyped spreadsheets and take care of employees’ used and available leaves. However, with the best field employee monitoring software, managers can seamlessly digitally save and acknowledge employees’ leaves. 

Even employees don’t need to run behind managers to remind them to acknowledge their leaves. They just simply access their field employees’ mobile apps. Therein, they specify the day, duration, and reason why they want to leave. After employees submit their leave applications, managers receive notifications and acknowledge leaves. 

  1. Geo-verified Task Allocation 

Geo-verified task allocation helps you allocate the tasks to employees near the task’s location. For instance, if you receive an equipment failure request from Laxmi Nagar and among your 10 employees, Rajesh is the one located at Preet Vihar. You can effortlessly allocate him his new task. This ensures increased efficiency in field employees’ performance. Also, reduces the waiting time or estimated travel time (ETA) for customers. 

Businesses with high employee traffic and workload can have this feature to meet their targets smoothly. Most field employee monitoring software also consists of target v/s. achievement reports. Evaluating those reports, you can assess the completed target against the task allocation both simultaneously or collectively. 

  1. Expense Management 

Expense management is another vital tool that you must look for in your field employee monitoring software. The tool lets field employees seamlessly upload proofs of their expenses, i.e., bills and invoices, to raise claim requests. Field managers assess those proofs to get the vitality of the expenses incurred. 

Therein, according to their hierarchy orders, managers acknowledge expense claims and at last, they start the reimbursement procedure. As employees get their expense reimbursement on time, they feel more motivated towards their work. Moreover, the tool reduces the likelihood of data-entry errors, flags duplicate entries and prevents overpayment. Thus, it helps field service-based organizations manage their expenses. 

  1. Offline Tracking

Even with a lower or no internet connection, you can track your employees’ whereabouts. Sounds fascinating, right? Well, that’s what offline tracking empowers. The feature lets you get consistent and complete transparency over your field staff. Offline tracking is often achieved through smart syncing features. It stores employees’ actions taken offline and integrates them into the system after getting an internet connection.  This way, offline tracking ensures that your business wheels keep turning. 

From getting accurate employee tracking to never missing a beat, offline tracking lets field organizations go a long way in reducing downtime and improving productivity. While choosing the best offline employee field tracking software, consider your specific needs. Because one size may not fit all and you should alter a spectrum of features for your unique workflow of organization. 

To Sum it Up!

So, this is how you should choose the best field employee tracking software. Look for providers who are aware of the challenges of field service management. Thus, offers robust support, features, and functionalities. Also, try to gauge transparency as a feature within the software before selecting the product. 

What else?

Leveraging the power of field employee tracking software helps you redefine industry standards. Moreover, you can solidify your commitment to uninterrupted field excellence. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with TrackoField, a robust provider of field force monitoring software, helping field service businesses of all domains embrace the autonomous future like never before. 

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How to Choose the Best Field Employee Tracking Software?