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How to create a Profile on Linkedin ?

Established in 2002, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional and business-oriented network with above 830 million members. LinkedIn offers a platform for its users where they can have connections with professionals of their field. It was opened with a mission to bridge professionals to provide more opportunities to people around the world and make them more productive.

Now this social network has become a successful and dynamic business platform with 35 offices and around 18000 employees. The network exists in 25 languages so that people of different languages can understand the app usage in their native languages. Among the 810 million members, 57% users are identified to be men and 43% are women. According to statistics LinkedIn members are dispersed in 200 countries worldwide.

LinkedIn is different from other social media networks like Facebook and Instagram as they serve recreational purposes. However, LinkedIn focuses on professional connections where users make their profiles. LinkedIn profile holds importance for it determines your possibility of securing a job. You need to attach a CV or resume, summarize your career as well as past working experiences, enter your education history, and mention your skills. Follow the article for profile building tips.

LinkedIn connections are like followers on other social media apps. The connections are formed by accepting invitations. The app is mostly sued for posting and finding jobs. The app is free nonetheless users can purchase premium version to access more profiles and see their complete profiles. Follow the article for a complete description of this social network.

LinkedIn statistics and History

This professional network was opened nine months before Facebook, on 5 th May 2003. The network is oldest of its kinds yet gained popularity later. The social network has celebrated its 19 th birthday in 2022. The headquarters are situated in California, Mountain View.

The major founding names include Reid Hoffman, the venture capitalist, Allen Blue, the Product designer, Konstantin Guericke, the marketing professional, Eric Ly, the engineer, and Jean Luc. The network began in the room of the co-founder Reid Hoffman. The website did not gain much popularity in the beginning and growth was also slow. However, in 2005, the social network introduced job posting service which allowed companies to post a job and even look for prospective employees. Furthermore, a new feature of advertising a job proved to be beneficial to attract the customers. The network started gaining profit and popularity in 2007 and cross 15 million members worldwide. 2011 proved to be a lucky year and LinkedIn crossed 100 million members around the globe. Its initial public offering build 353 million dollars in the same year.

Microsoft acquired LinkedIn on June 13 th , 2016, for almost 26 billion dollars. Soon after the network crossed 500 million members worldwide in 200 countries. Today more than 12 million members are signifying their availability for jobs.

Google is the most followed company on LinkedIn with 23.38 million followers and Bill gates is the most followed personality with above 35 million followers. almost 49 million users look for jobs every week and six are hired for jobs every minute. Every second almost 77 jobs are submitted. Moreover, an advertisement on LinkedIn can gain 14.6% reach of the population worldwide. Follow the instructions given below to find out how to make LinkedIn account and build a profile.

LinkedIn sign up

To make an account on LinkedIn you must follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1

Open your browser and search for LinkedIn sign up page. You can also download the app from app store.

Step 2

Enter the asked information in the spaces provided. Put your first name and last name. enter your email address which you are using and a strong password. Follow the given instructions about password. Make sure you use your correct name as mentioned in your cnic as it gihves a professional outlook. Moreover, pseudonyms are not allowed as per the user agreements.

Step 3

Press Join now and follow any further steps asked. Your account is created. Learn about the tips to build your profile below.

If you receive a notification that your email is already registered, click on this link to know what to do. If you need any other information regarding signing in, click here.

How to make LinkedIn profile better

Building your profile in such a way as to attract the recruiters requires some smart moves. Given below are some tips to make your profile more attractive so that you can land a good job.

Profile picture

Your profile picture must be a professional photo. Avoid uploading selfies or filtered pictures as it compromises your impression. It might seem like a simple tip yet it’s quite important.

Background photo

Add a background photo to grab the attention of employers. It can be a quote or something that reflects your interests.

Attractive headline

There is not compulsion that your headline must be about your job. Put an attractive headline about your point of views regarding your role and your interests. Write something inspirational.

Make your story a summary

LinkedIn summary is an essential part of the profile. Never leave the summary area blank. Share your story in the summary and make it interesting. Mention your previous or current jobs and your skills like a story and reflect their importance. Mention how those skills and experiences will be beneficial for the people whom you will work with. You can also rea the summaries of some top profiles for getting ideas. Click here to see some top profiles of and their summaries on LinkedIn.

Use buzzwords

Using buzz words is not enough until you link them in your story. Just using a word ‘specialized’ does not guarantee it. Demonstrate your leadership qualities as well in your summary by explaining your work experiences and challenges you faced. Click on the link to check out some of the most used buzzwords for LinkedIn profile.

Expand your network

Expanding your network is essential to explore opportunities. Sync your LinkedIn profile to your email address. It makes you connect with your followers and relevant people. It is beneficial to make connections with the people of your field, whether professionals or freshers. You can also join groups stay active on your profile and keep it up to date. Click here to find out tips to expand your LinkedIn connections.

Mention your skills

Mention al your skills in the skills list. Go through the list and add the relevant ones. Make sure you are adding all those skills you talked about in summary. Do online courses as well to increase the list.

Add the services you offer

Services is a recent addition to the LinkedIn profile making it convenient for the employers and freelancers to reach out to relevant people. Make sure your mention your services in that section so recruiters can easily find you in search.

Take skills assessment

Skills assessments increase your chances of landing a job. These assessments are the online test enabling you to demonstrate your skills and in return you earn a verified badge. It gives a proof of your abilities and strengths.

LinkedIn learning

If you can avail a course on LinkedIn, it will make your profile very attractive, grabbing recruiters’ attention. completing a course makes you earn a certificate which is also beneficial for your resume.


If you have written an ebook or a blog for a website or published an article, add their links in the publications section. It makes you stand out from the rest and draw attention of the companies. It also gives proof of your task management and pressure management skills.

Follow influencers and professionals of your field

It is always a good idea to follow the popular people of your field to stay up to date. Add relevant data on your profile to grab their attention as well.

Start conversations

If you are confused to upload any idea or statement to start a conversation, then don’t be afraid. It is really advantageous to publish long contents as they reflect your though leadership qualities and engage a lot of people. Make sure to respond to the connections as well.

Understand endorsement

Endorsements from other users enhance your skills and credibility. You can ask for the endorsements for few skills as well. Just send a polite message and don’t be afraid to contact people whom endorsement you would value. Managing endorsements can be challenging sometimes especially when they do not reflect about your expertise and core area. You can always choose to hide any endorsement you want. Learn more about managing your endorsement settings by clicking here.

Request recommendations

Asking anyone for recommendation gives a personal testimonial of your skills. The recommendation illustrates that a person has worked with you. The recommendations section in your profile makes it easy to look for specific contacts. Learn more about building your profile by clicking here.

How to post a job on LinkedIn

If you want to post an opening through LinkedIn, follow the following steps.

Step 1

Open you LinkedIn homepage.

Step 2

Look for the jobs icon mentioned at the top of homepage and click it.

Step 3

You will find the button of ‘post a job’. Click on it. Remember that in case you are a recruiter customer, you will be taken to a different page with different information to be filled in. Then clock on the continue button present next to your account’s name.

Step 4

Next step is to complete the information on the job details page. you will be needed to fill the description of the job in the provided space. Make sure you add all the relevant details. Do not forget to enter the skills required for the job. Click on the add skills button. Click on the continue button.

Step 5

Now fill the applicant options page. Insert your preferred way of taking applicants by selecting the way to be notified. Check out all the screening questions. It is recommended to add at least three questions. It makes easy to find out the preferred applicants.

Step 6

Now click on the promote job button and enter your credit card details. If you have already mentioned payment method, it will appear. Hit on add payment if you want to enter another method. Review for the last time and post the job application.

How to find a job on LinkedIn

Looking for a job on LinkedIn is not a hard task if you follow the following tips and methods.

Job tools

There is a jobs icon on LinkedIn homepages. Go to the icon and search for your relevant companies. You can also search by entering job titles. Use the LinkedIn search for finding jobs and people. Adding filters makes you find a job more easily and precisely. Enter your desired location, job timing, and field to narrow down your search results. Scan through the available options. It also shows if any of your connections or alumni is working in the company too. Also read out about how to add portfolio to LinkedIn profile.

Job alerts

Setting job alert is another way to say updated about incoming openings. You can setup job alerts by going to the company’s page. Then go to the jobs section. You will find a button of job alerts at the bottom of the page. Turn it on and you will be notified about the opening.

Open to work

You will find the open to work tool on your LinkedIn profile. Enable it to let opportunities find you. It enables the recruiters to approach you. Make sure your profile is ready and attractive enough to grab the employer’s attention before enabling the open to work tool.

How to build LinkedIn profile without work experience

This article has got you sorted if you do not have any work experience. Do not worry and focus on technical details. Never lie about yourself. Join groups, stay active, do online courses, and mention any social or educational work you have done no matter how small it is.

The article covers all the details about LinkedIn and some tips to get a job as well. Make your LinkedIn profile today and start looking for a career.

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