how to deal with alcohol and marriage

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#howtodealwith Alcohol is a drug that depresses the central nervous system, that is, it slows the functions of the brain, alcohol affects the ability to self-control, Alcoholic beverages can be:

Fermented: wine, beer and cider. These drinks have a graduation between the 4th and the 15th. They are produced by the fermentation of sugars or cereals.
Distilled: they are the result of the distillation of fermented beverages, so they have a higher concentration of alcohol. Pomace, pacharán, vodka, whiskey, rum, brandy or gin are between 40º and 50º.

The effects of alcohol depend on the amount consumed, but there are other circumstances that can accelerate or aggravate them.

The age. Young people are more sensitive to the effects of alcohol in activities that have to do with planning, memory and learning, and are more “resistant” than adults to sedative effects and motor discoordination.
Weight and sex. Alcohol affects people with less size more severely. In general the woman weighs less and the size of her internal organs is proportionally smaller. Therefore, lower amounts of alcohol can cause damage to the body more quickly.
The amount and speed of intake. The greater amount of alcohol drunk and the shorter time, the greater the possibility of poisoning.
Combination with carbonated drinks such as tonic, tails, etc.. accelerates intoxication.
The food. If you eat at the same time you drink, especially fatty foods, intoxication is slowed, but damage to the body is not avoided or reduced.
Combination with other substances. If you take tranquilizers, relaxing or soothing, the sedative effects of alcohol are enhanced. When combined with cannabis, the sedative effects of both substances increase

the mass consumption of alcohol can significantly affect the relationship of a marriage and can even cause separation always have control over.


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