How to deal with Home

A combination, in my opinion, has advantages and disadvantages.

My pros and cons at a glance:

Top 3 Benefits:
1. With dot on 1 is for me the fact that there is no travel time.
2. Can work much better focused because I have no/less disturbances at home.
3. Every afternoon a fresh lunch instead of that sticky sandwich I already smeared in the morning; -)

Top 3 Disadvantages:
1. I miss my colleagues.
2. I sit much longer and more behind my computer screen.
3. I live small so I can't create a separate study room and my computer is in the living room.

I am very curious how other people experience working at home?
My ideal combination would be 2 days at home 3 days at the office.
For example, I can use the 2 days I am at home to do “focus” work and use the days in the office for meetings, recordings, etc.

Anyway, as long as Corona keeps us home, I'm working from home and I'm putting my best foot forward.

Some more tips that will help me work from home:

- Hold on to the structure in your day that you normally have when you go to the office, dress yourself for breakfast and then start your working day.
- Set goals what you want to achieve on which day.
- Go around a block, get out of your house, the fresh air will do you good.
- Take time for lunch and do not do this at your computer.
- Call a colleague and chat while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee.

I'm curious about your experiences, tips and trics.

Suc6 for the homeworkers among us and stay healthy all.

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