How to deal with? Plans for the future

Imagine you're in the following situation: you know exactly what you want to do with your life, but you cannot simply share it with the rest of the world in fear of being judged or somehow mistreated and misunderstood not only by your peers but the elders around you.

At first glance, this situation might seem silly. At first, you might be thinking "You don't have to tell anyone! What's the problem here?"

The problem here, unfortunately, is that sometimes you end up in a situation where you'll be asked about your plans for the future and you will have to lie and pretend that you're interested in things that you don't care about, at all. The problem is the feeling that comes after you've said those lies - someone will always be able to look past them and still force you to be honest. And what if you are stubborn and refuse to let people know exactly what is on your mind about certain things?

I don't know if my situation fits the #howtodealwith hashtag, but I sincerely hope I can find some comfort here. Who knows? Perhaps I am not the only one in this situation.