How to do homework when you don't want to

Create little play-rituals before you do your homework. We share with you tips and tricks on how to motivate yourself to do your homework. Before starting reading, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the assignment writing service. Always choose services carefully to help you complete your assignments.

Mmmh... I feel that this subject will interest people, even adults… “Getting down to work”: not always easy, eh? Is there a quick fix, like the pen that writes the results on its own? No sorry. Even Harry Potter had homework to do, and remember, he didn't like it. What I can do is give you little tips that will help you with your homework more easily. Depending on your age and the type of homework you have to do, choose the most suitable ones. The ideal thing, of course, is to enjoy doing your homework, because when you're having fun, everything is easy for you!

Settle in a place where you feel good

If you prefer to work on the living room table or lying on the floor in your bedroom rather than sitting at your desk, do so. You've spent the day sitting at a desk, and sometimes finding yourself in the same position as at school can block you. Tell your parents, don't be surprised! You can also reread Bouger to learn better.

Find confidence in yourself

Take 1 minute to remember a time in your life when you achieved something difficult. Think back to your pride, how happy you were with yourself; feel in your body what was happening then, your heart swelling with joy, the shivers of happiness… To help you and regain energy, you can remember this memory while listening to a piece of music that you like. Tell yourself that after this song, you'll easily do your homework.

Breathe to oxygenate your brain

As you breathe deeply and slowly, imagine the small golden oxygen bubbles entering your nose and then filling your whole body, especially your brain; Look at your little cells especially those of your brain, which feed on this oxygen and which are more and more dynamic and happy. Feel your body full of strength and ready to work.

  • Start with easier homework
  • Start with the quickest and easiest homework assignment.
  • Take a break by doing one of the exercises in this article. Breathing, imagination, breathing, etc.
  • Continue with the next assignment (you will see, you will feel that it is easier because you have already completed an assignment)
  • Take a break by choosing a short exercise from this article.
  • Finish with the assignment that seems most difficult. You will see that it will be easy to do because you will have managed to do the rest.