How to Draw Cookies Z

How to Draw Cookies

Draw a Cookie

Thanks to the 'Call to Action' from  @Mevrouw Stip...  , I'm working on some 'How to Draw' tutorials. Here comes the first one:
How to Draw a Cookie!
You know, the big, chewy cookie with the chocolate inside! 

My first tip is: draw with pencil first. You always can draw it with an inkliner later when you are oke with the result.

Ik can't help it, I so want to eat one right now!

  1. Draw an oval, the small lines make it 3 D already.
  2. Draw some 'bursts' in the oval.
  3. Draw lots of chocolate-chuncks in it.
  4. Draw shades and the casting shadow.


I would love to see your results in the comments.

Thank you for reading my tutorial. I hope you'll try to draw this cookie. I would like to see your results. You may use some color or make a whole cookie jar? Follow me to see more 'How to Draw' tutorials.