How to Fix Wireless Printer Offline Error?

Nowadays Printers are one of the most popular devices for printing, scanning, and faxing documents. Because of their advanced technology and features the printers are used in homes and offices. Sometimes, the printers have shown different types of errors. These error codes have shown due to printer technical or mechanical issues.

One of the most common issues faced by users is “Printer Offline”. The Printer offline issue mostly occurred in wireless printers. When you try to connect your Wireless printer with Computer, PC, or Mac device, it’s unable to connect. That means your Wireless printer is not connected to a PC or Mac device.

The Wireless printer offline issue can be caused by various reasons. First, you need to understand the reasons behind the Wireless Printer offline issue.

Causes Behind the Wireless Printer Offline Error

Before resolving the Printer offline issue, first, you need to understand the reasons. There are various reasons behind the Wireless printer offline issue. Once you understand the causes of the Wireless printer offline issue, you can easily fix the printer offline issue.

· When you have a low network connection
· Lack of communication between printer and computer device
· Outdated Printer drivers
· If the printer is in offline Mode

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Wireless Printer Offline Error

Without wasting the time, let’s start troubleshooting methods to fix the Wireless printer offline error. Follow the below steps to fix the Printer offline issue.

1. Check Your Wireless Network Connection:

When your printer goes offline then you need to check the wireless network connection. Sometimes low or weak network connection may be the cause of the Wireless printer's offline issues. Follow the steps to check the wireless network connection.

· First Printer Turn On
· Make sure the wireless printer properly connects to the computer
· Check wireless network connection. Make sure the wireless router or modem has a high range of speed.
· If your router or modem not working, then restart your wireless router or modem and try to connect it to the computer

2. Restart Your Printer and Computer:

Sometimes simple restarting may resolve the issue. If the wireless printer offline issue has shown, then restart the printer and computer device to fix the printer offline issue.

3. Run Printer Troubleshooter:

Run the printer troubleshooter may resolve the Printer offline error. Follow the steps to run the printer troubleshooter:

1. Go to the start button and open the control panel
2. Click on the printer device and select the printer & scanner option
3. Now open the printer troubleshooter option as per your needs

4. Disable Printer Offline Mode:

Make sure your printer isn’t in offline mode. If your printer is in offline mode, then enable online mode using the steps:

· Click start and select the settings option
· In the navigation panel, click on Bluetooth and devices
· Now click on the printers and scanners
· Click on the open printer queue
· In the printer queue window, click the printer and make sure the “use printer offline” option isn’t checked. If it is then click it to back to online mode.

Contact Printer Experts

I hope the above steps may resolve your wireless printer offline issue. If the issue again persists, then read more troubleshooting steps to fix the wireless Printer offline issue. In case you need any help to fix the issue, then directly contact Printer technical experts through Free Live chat.