How to get gel polish off nails?

how to get gel polish off nailsUnlike ordinary manicures, a semi-permanent gel is applied with a polish that is hardened (cured) with an ultraviolet light lamp. The look is similar to a traditional nail polish manicure, but it stays intact for several weeks. We only need to remove these gel nails when the natural ones have grown enough to make them ugly or if the enamel starts to go bad.

Acrylic nails will of course be comparable to hair extensions, hairpieces as they are attached to the nail to change the length of the manicure and the shape of the natural nails. Both types of manicure can be maintained based on periodic fillings if we are interested, along with natural nail growth, to make them last a few months.

However, in the world of "nail art" that we find today in the various options and trends, there are many who frequently decide to publish a new manicure. The big disadvantage is that every time we want to remove a semi-permanent gel manicure, we have to go to an aesthetic center to remove it.

When we talk about semi-permanent manicures, the most effective is to resort to pure acetone, as it is the only product that will be able to effectively remove the gel. In the case of acetone-containing make-up remover, the higher the concentration of acetone in the product, the more effective it will be and the less time it will take to remove the gel manicure.

Hands are also involved in our overall beauty. And, beautiful nails and matching nail polish enhance the attractiveness of the hands. So, if you do manicures in time, your hands and nails will become attractive. With the right tools, the right techniques you can easily do a gel manicure at home. It does cost a bit, of course, but it's convenient and pocket-friendly. So, how to do a manicure at home, here are the methods.

Step 1
If you already have nail polish on your nails, remove it with a remover. But, if you have glitter polish on your nails and you have trouble removing it, soak a little cotton in the remover and leave it on your nails for a few minutes. Once you do this, nail polish will not be too difficult to remove.

Step 2
Next, apply the cuticle cream to the nail cuticle and leave it for a few minutes. Then, wipe off the cream and use a cuticle pusher to remove dust or dead parts from your nails. Do not put extra pressure when lifting the cuticle, lift slowly.
Step 3
Cut the nails to the desired shape and file with the nail filer. This filer is for keeping the shape of nails beautiful. If you do it later, it can ruin the manicure.

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Step 4
Next, wash your hands with a mild cleanser and pat dry.

Step 5
Clean your nails a little more with a nail buffer. This will make it easier for your nail polish to stick to your nails.

Step 6
Wipe your hands with a towel.

Step 7
Apply a gel polish base coat thinly over your nails. This will help in later polishing layering.

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Step 8
Apply nail polish on your nails. However, be careful not to polish the skin around the nails. And, if it sticks around the nail, remove it immediately with a remover. Then dry it.
Step 9
Next, apply a second coat of polish and let it dry. If necessary, you can also give a third coat of polish.

Step 10
Finally, apply a gel coat on top of the nail polish, seal the polish and let it dry.