how to get more subscribers in youtube

how to get more subscribers in youtube

Youtube! Like a star in a Google-owned network. It attracts one-third of the world population on the internet. In other words, we can say billions and billions of users are on the internet. In a single day, people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate trillions of views. A record-breaking youtube reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 age groups in the US than any cable network.

Surprisingly 9% of small businesses in the US are active on youtube. Research and a hunch are going on that the figure tends to be pretty accurate universally too.

It is ironic to say! then why small businesses are not investing in youtube as a part of their social media strategy?

Make sure, it is very much harder to produce or create a video than an image or a blog post. A lot of people have a dream or we can say a perception of having a youtube channel. In this blog, I will prove how much video is easier and cheaper to create. So it clearly indicates that you have tons of opportunities for your business on youtube.

how to get more subscribers in youtube

If you’re just starting out, take a look at our guide to creating a YouTube channel. You should have the basics of your channel in place before you dive into the tips below.

Here, in order from easiest to most complicated, are our best practices for converting viewers into subscribers. Don’t tackle them all at once. Try out one of these tips for each new video you post or implement one or two a week.

15 steps to get more subscribers in youtube

  • The first thing you need to do is to check your Analytics on your youtube channel. So in order to check what videos are performing best in terms of views and subscribers. By doing that you will come to know how to create more videos like that then you will link these videos with cards and an end screen.
  • Always try to make plentiful videos on content and send them again and again to your audience just as an update. So by doing that you will keep your audience engaged.
  • The most important point is to Improve the CTR and resolution. You need to remember here your resolution is directly proportional to the CTR. So it simply means the higher your resolution of thumbnail the greater will be the CTR.
  • Always add a youtube subscribe button at the end on your videos. so it became easier for the audience to subscribe to your channel.  
  • Always place a youtube subscribe link in the description of every video you are uploading. Therefore by doing that you will receive greater momentum from your viewers.
  • Do a youtube collaboration to reach new viewers. As long as you would collaborate with youtube, youtube will make your video accessible to a new bunch of viewers.
  • Make sure you need to create four types of videos- that people love    
  1. Listicle videos
  2. Versus videos
  3. How to videos
  4. Reaction videos
  • Do good keyword research and look at the titles of the video seriously and choose the keyword which has a larger volume and minimum level of difficulty.
  • Promote your channel on the youtube community tab.
  • Create videos that deliver promises.
  • Never stop posting new videos. So you have to post videos consistently and you have to choose "the best time to post on Youtube"   
  • At the end of your video you have to ask your audience to subscribe your channel.
  • Create effective channel branding.
  • Never forget to have a custom channel trailer.
  • You need to create a separate playlist for a regular set of info.
  • You can run a contest for maximum engagements.

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