How to make a lighthouse with pieces of wood

It all started a few weeks ago, when the head of the blind broke me. I'm not left with anything else to change it, so get it out..
I was planning to use it for a good roast this weekend, but I got an idea.. So I'll reuse it to make something decorative for you, and for my wife too..

This is the central portion.
As always my dog Ragnar, helping a little
I cut a piece of wood with the “shape” of the centerpiece of a pallet table that was going around. And I cut a smaller piece of the centerpiece and “calé” it.

Then with some pieces of fibrofacil, remains of a broom stick and chipboard I made some details. I fixed the parts with screws, machimbre nails and vinyl adhesive.

There already almost the idea was taking shape.

Those are the previous steps to make the dock.. I used brochette sticks, and some digging tableted from a mince. )

Obviously I helped myself with tools such as saws, punches, files, sandpaper and some less orthodox like a pen cutter.

To wait for it to dry:)

I had to give him about three hands of white acrylic paint, everything in total..

And the most fun part, paint and make the little details.

There it was more or less on track but there were several details missing.
With the help of a wire I made the wiring and with putty, some details like nests and rocks.

And there it is, finished.