How to make a pig in the mud with Senses paint

Stimulate your senses and feel what you're making!That's a nice message you can give with the paint.Senses of Creall. In a previous blog we worked this out on the basis of this paint. Now there's another idea...Mud day is coming!And #Modderdag is a day that can be played outside in the mud. But, of course, there are many more moments possible to work with some kind of mud. Read that below from the experience of Ineke van der Linde {guest parent}

What do you need?

- Coloring page pig

- Creall Senses paint

- cardboard

- waterproof mark/marker

- pencil

How do you make it?

1. Google a coloring sheet of a pig/or choose 1 from below from Coloring Pigs/Pigs.

2. Print this out. Cut it out so that the black lines can still be seen.

3. The cut out pig is now your mold. Draw it over to a piece of cardboard.

4. The pig is now only with the outer lines on cardboard and is not yet very clear to small children. If you find it difficult to determine the position of the ear or eyes, press a few points in the thick line with your pencil. These points can now help you draw the ear or eyes properly.

5. Your pencil drawing is now ready. Little children “trigger” you best with a clear line. Now sign the pig with a marker.

6. Now you can cut out the pig and have it painted with the #Senses paint. You mix red and white to a pink color that you like. Senses paint by Creall stands for See, Do, Feel and Experience. Now you can use your fingers or your hands to paint the piggy completely pink.

7. When the piggy has turned nicely pink, put it aside for a while to dry. Now grab another piece of cardboard for the substrate of your “Mudday painting”. For children who find it difficult to determine where air belongs or where ground is, you can draw a pencil line. Intended as an aid. Let them go their way.

8. For the air, use the blue Senses paint. Make circles, stripes, big strokes with your fingers or your hands and create a beautiful sky.

9. For the mud, mix the red and green Senses paint. Brown is a difficult color to mix. An adult better help with that. Also from the “mud” you make beautiful circles of stripes etc. on your painting.

10. When the painting is finished, pick up the pig again. You can now use your “mud” fingers to give some mud stains to the pig.

Then this is the result. The funny thing is, the little pig (after it has dried) also feels almost like the skin of a pig/piglet.

Tip:A nice way to get a little pig dirty is to use the drawing in a bowl of marbles and some mud colored paint.. and then roll back and forth with the tray!

This fun idea triedLucyand she also has her own Instagram page: @flisatfun

You can find them below:


Creall Sense paint:

- sensopathic water-based finger paint

- available in 6 colours, each with its own structure

- a unique colour experience for children: painting, seeing and feeling

- promotes hand motor skills and sense of touch in children

- also suitable for blind and visually impaired children

You want to order this paint?

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