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how to make blog

Hey, are you looking for an easy way or guide for "how to make blog"?

Here I will give you step by step guide on how to make blog in less than 15 minutes while having some basic computer skills.

After successfully following this guide you will be able to present a beautiful blog and this blog will receive accreditation and acknowledgment from the world.

Don,t worry, if you are a beginner then you or in the right place. I will make you explain every step and makes a combination of pictures and videos to make it perfectly clear for you.

If you got confused or stuck at any point you do not need to worry. simply send me a text and I will be ready for your help.

My name is Sameer Bedar today I am going to show you how to start a blog. I have experience of more than 10 years of building websites and blogs. I have myself created "10000 of blogs" and helped thousands of others to do the same.

The begging to write a blog is quite intimidating and overwhelming. Here is a free guide for you about blogging for beginners. I will teach you each and every step. No matter you are at the age of 7 or 77. By following this guide you will be able to write a blog in less than 15 minutes.

If you ever think of writing a blog. In the beginning, there were chances of commenting mistakes very high. This guide is the sum up of my 10-year experience. Just like you have to take a cup of tea and you will learn how to make a "blog easily" and quickly.

What is a blog anyway?

Blog post is simply a publication that usually educates or entertains. We can say the blog is an answer to the queries that the world has. Or we can say a blog post is any article news piece or guide that is usually published in the blog section of a website. In this guide, I will guide you on how to make blog!

Bloggers often tend to focus on personal perspectives which allows them to connect with readers across the globe. Therefore most blogs do have a "comments section" where a reader can contact the blogger. Interaction via comments further strengthens the bond between the reader and the blogger.

This direct linkage gives an edge while starting a blog. Therefore you would be able to interact with like-minded people in order to share views and ideas. It also enhances the trust of the reader. This paves the way for making money from your blog. Don't worry I will discuss that in detail later in this blog.

We are observing internet became very much prevalent in society, so more people are online. This kind of internet explosion means your blog can be viewed or read by most visitors. It is never too late to start a blog. So this is the best time how to start a blog because I am going to show you.

how to make Blog in 6 Steps?

Follow these steps and learn easily how to make a blog in less than 15 minutes.

  • Choose a blog name and try to give a descriptive name for your blog.
  • Go and get your blog online. Register your blog at Yoors.
  • To customize your blog, as features are given at yoors.
  • Write and publish your first post, Share your views across the globe.
  • Blog promotion, so you get a lot of response from the community for marketing.
  • Money-making blogs, there is a number of ways by which you can monetize your blog at yoors.
  • Should we make blog?

    Lot of myths and misconceptions are in discussions related to blogging. That a blogger should be a great writer but that is not true. Truth is something else the thing that you should have! I will give you all that you need to start a blog. Do remember one simple thing here that is a blogger should be formal and creative.

    You no need to be an expert on any topic or subject for writing a successful blog. For example, our sisters naturally came to learn how to cook a variety of recipes. for that, they are not formally attending any university to learn that. So they learn all that by virtue of the experience from mothers.

    For successful blogging what you really need is passion and dedication

    Blogging is simply sharing your knowledge with the world you should write about the things about which you are passionate. This makes you a successful blogger in a much easier way. You should write continuously about the topics you are interested in. This will keep your visitors interested too.

    why do you face trouble in blogging? here are some reasons:

    Share your story. It is blogging which allows you to share your views and voice and be heard. You can share your thoughts and expressions globally via yoors. If you choose that we shall take an example here to "keep Diary". Here a blogger writes about his daily experiences with friends family and others. Here blogger also tries to make them part of their lives.

    Find a community

    You are very much fortunate that you are already a member at yoors. So you no need to find any community anymore.

    Blogging is all about an interaction where you write content and people comment. This is a great way to connect with people who are like-minded. Blogging allows you to share your experiences. And you got an opportunity to learn from the readers as well. You are very much fortunate that you are reading this I will share a platform where without investing a single penny you will find a community of intellectuals known as yoors.

    How To Choose A Blog Topic And Name

    Here I will guide you on how to make a blog whether it is the name or title of a blog.

    The first and foremost step is to choose your blog topic. If you are not able to judge or decide what about the blog. Here are some ways by which you get a good blog topic.

    Life experiences: Everyone has learned something from the experiences. So firstly sharing your experiences is an incredible way to help others in like situations.

    Personal Blog:  A personal blog is all about what you are doing and what you have done. You can include here a variety of topics on daily basis in random thoughts. You can share your personal life worldwide. Here you do not need to stick to any one topic instead there is a great variety. By doing so you will receive great attention from your readers for your blog.

    Passion and hobbies: Interests and hobbies possess a great depth where you can start a blog. Travelling, Sports, Baking, Fashion, Driving, and so on.

    These are some examples from your interests and from your passionated things, wherefrom you can choose a blog name. You should remember blogs from obscure hobbies can be more successful because your viewer could be anyone from the world of the internet.

    So once you finalize your topic, it is a great time to write your blog at yoors

    Blog name should be descriptive in nature.

    In the first instance, your visitors came to know what your blog is all about. While writing a blog try not to get hang of any particular or single word. For example, a blog on driving does not necessarily repeat the word driving in it. The words learning, Skills, the technique can be used periodically. These words will also let the people know that your blog is all about driving.

    "Contact me" if you have not chosen a good name for your blog I will personally help you.

    When you are in confusion about how I choose a domain extension. the most preferred domain extensions are .com, .net, .org and so on. I will personally suggest you here a good platform where you can share your knowledge with the world of intellectuals.

    I am going to introduce you to the monster called "". The name itself says it is yours. The great thing is that you are not merely a user here but you are a valuable member here. In this platform, you would receive a great response and momentum from the entire yoors members. You can promote your post and in the term, you would receive great attention from members and you can earn a lot at this platform.

    To become a member of yoors family is very much simple just click on "yoors".

    After clicking you will be re-directed to the "Sign up" page. Just click on sign up.


    At the right top, you need to enter your details and click on "register now"


    Yoors will automatically sent an "Activation link" on your registered Email id. Click on the link and start with Yoors right away.


    Then yoors verification page will be displayed you need to enter your "Mobile number" here.


    How To Improve Rankings in Google?

    To make blog you need to ensure some ways, by which you could improve your rankings in google. I will guide you on what should you focus on next for greater success in making blog.

    It is very much essential that your content should appear in the different types of search results like google, organic featured snippets, images, and videos in order to maximize your visibility in Google SERP. Here is my blog I will give you a checklist that will help you how to prioritize your SEO tasks.

    Your ultimate goal is to get in front of the searchers who could later become your customers. So you need to make blog by taking my suggested "Tips and Tricks" under consideration.

    Here are the Tips and Tricks which you to follow while making a blog.

    Nail Down What problems You Solve For Readers.

    Before considering the SEO you should first understand how people search. You don't need to waste a lot of time by targeting the wrong people or delivering the right people to the wrong message.

    You should first know what problems you will solve in most essential.

    Ask yourself some questions like how, when and where do readers determine, that they need your content.

  • Is it driven by a personal desire
  • Is it caused by a disruptive event
  • So you no need to worry, be along with me you need to boost your content Keyword Intent Analysis. Therefore while making blog you are suggested to use Semrushs or Ubbersuggest keyword intent matrics this will help you out. It is never been easier to align your keywords with the right audience and the right content.
    You can use these free keyword research tools to get you started

    What is Technical SEO?

    Technical SEO can be referring to updates to a website or server that you to immediate control over and which have a direct or indirect impact on your web pages. Crawlability, indexation, and ultimately search rankings. Technical SEO encompasses components like Title Tags, Page Titles, XML site maps, 301 redirects, and Meta Descriptions.

    Do Remember technical SEO does not include Analytics, Keyword Research, Backlink Profile development, and social media strategies.

    Fix Your Technical SEO Issue

  • You must optimize your Title Tags and subheadings while making a blog.
  • Optimize your images and videos.
  • Meta description
  • Body Content
  • Internal links
  • Add keywords in the URLs.
  • Use hyphens to separate words
  • Canonicalize multiple URLs serving the same content
  • Compress long URLs (100 characters) into less than (70 characters)
  • Find Out What Competitors are doing & do it better.

    While making blog you must ensure spying on website keywords that is showing on the first page of google for your targeted keywords.

    Do not worry I will show you how to do that. how to use the tools to find out:

  • On what keywords these sites are ranking for
  • How many pages they have indexed
  • Their entire website structure
  • The quality of their backlink profile
  • You should also come to know whether they are ranking for long-term or short-tail keywords which you have to target while making a blog.
  • You should know page speed is a deciding factor in Google's ranking algorithm. So you need to run your landing pages through page speed tools, By which you should come to know areas of weakness.
  • For example, are the pages running slow?
  • Are keywords missing out which you want to target?
  • Add Schema markup

    While making a blog or as a website owner kindly do remember the relevance of schema markup. Therefore schema markup helps search engine signals better understand different page components e.g:

  • Business name and address
  • Phone number and rating
  • Business hours and currencies accepted
  • Area served and number of employees and so on
  • While using the schema markup you will appear in the rich snippets in the SERPs.

    Create Videos and Images for Competitive Keywords

    While making a blog, your ultimate aim is to make it on the first page of Google. So you have to make a search engine to know about your content. So here the question arises how could you make Google to know, what your information is all about.

    You should not remain focused only on content but you have to make the inclusion of images and videos. If you are struggling to show up for competitive keywords. why you are not trying to optimize video or an image.

    To me, image optimization creates many advantages such as your page load speed getting increased, better user experiences, and also provides you more ranking opportunities. Same is the case with videos.

    Get More Backlinks

    Backlinks play a significant role in determining google the value of your content. while making a blog you should be focused on that. Therefore if a webpage provides valuable content other websites will easily link to that content.

    How to customize your Blog at yoors

    I am very much fortunate that I am writing on behalf of yoors. There are volumes of information available at yoors. So I will guide you here while making a blog the things which you have to keep in mind while posting at yoors. So follow the steps below.

    Firstly you need to click on the + sign on the left top.


    Then you need to click on " Expand your post with the advanced editor" which appears at the bottom.


    Enter the title of blog at the header section.


    You need to click on the rectangular box then after clicking you will find a paragraph option, then you need to click on the paragraph option and start writing.


    You need to tab + Sign at right bottom after then click on headline option which you need


    Then you click setting icon inorder to choose better look. So for that you can adjust here Font, size, alligment and so on.


    To add an image you need to click at the top on image icon.


    For adding optimized video you need to click snippit option and drag it to the place where you want to add video.


    After that you need to bring the link of your video and paste here. Then tab on Check link and then tab on Add option.


    At last you need to click the next .Tab on the smart social so your content will get automatically share to your all social media platforms.

    After that you need to click publish and then save You will also need to click publish and then save. Finally your post gets ready at yoors.


    While concluding my topic how to make blog . I once again suggest you kindly do follow the suggestions above you will find great results.

    In order to make a blog successful you no need to be qualified but you do need to be technical. The technique which you require here to rank in Google . You will find this technique in my post but do follow all the steps.

    I have never seen such a versatile platform like yoors . It is a great opportunity for you to explore your creativity at yoors .


    If you still have any query related to aforementioned suggestions you can comment , I will be ready for your help.

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