How to make cold brew Coffee?

How to make cold brew Coffee?

If any drink is a little cold in summer, then the mind and soul are all satisfied.

Cold coffee can be such a mind-blowing drink. If a nice cold coffee recipe can be made at home, then the hot afternoon becomes quite comfortable.

The name of the coffee is ice cold coffee

Materials -

Milk, sugar, coffee, ice cubes, vanilla ice cream.

Recipe -

First, boil the milk and cool it. This time wrap the coffee in a clean cloth and dip it in warm water. The amount of water should be very low so that it is quite thick. Just like sipping coffee. Then you have to shake the bundle of coffee in the water. Once the mixture has cooled, pour it into a large container machine. Put chilled milk in it. Cover with sugar, ice, and ice cream. Run the machine and get well. When the ice is all powdered, cold coffee is made. Pour into a nice glass and serve.

Item 2:

You can drink cold coffee to relieve fatigue with satisfaction and comfort in hot weather. This drink of choice can be made at home.

Let's find out how to make cold coffee. How to make coffee for two to eat.


2 teaspoons of coffee, 4 tablespoons of coffee, half cup of condensed milk, 2 cups of cold liquid milk, 1 cup of hot water, 2 tablespoons of sugar, ice cubes as desired.

How to do it

Mix coffee, coffee mate, and sugar in 1 cup of hot water. Mix coffee, ice, liquid milk, and condensed milk together and blend until foamy. Then pour the dry coffee over the foam in a clear glass and serve cold coffee.

This coffee will relieve our fatigue and strengthen us instantly.

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