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Egg Fry is a appetizer recipe ideal to present with green chutney. Eggs singed in crunchy veggies, this simple to make egg formula is great for youngsters and makes certain to be cherished by grown-ups as well. In the event that you're an egg sweetheart then, at that point, do attempt this Egg Fry recipe as it is very flavorful and simple to-make also. You can set up this egg recipe on Sundays for your family and children when you're not in a state of mind to plan something elaborate. It will save money on a great deal of your time and exertion. In the event that you're wanting to have a get-together at home and don't have the foggiest idea what to cook for your visitors, then, at that point, go for this Egg Fry recipe and dazzle your visitors with your culinary abilities. They are clearly going to give you acclaims and praises. Assuming that you're a zest sweetheart, then, at that point, you may likewise tweak this formula a piece by adding red bean stew chips as it will add an additional a punch to the dish.


How to make an Egg Fry

2 Servings

3 egg

1 piece squashed ginger

1/2 teaspoon gram flour (besan)

1 modest bunch hacked coriander leaves

1 1/2 teaspoon refined oil

1 little cleaved onion

1/2 piece cleaved green bean stew

1/2 teaspoon rice flour

1 pinch salt

3 cloves crushed garlic

Instructions to make Egg Fry

Stage 1

To set up this Egg Fry recipe, boil 2 eggs and eliminate the shells. Cut them into 4 pieces and keep them to the side. In the interim, take a glass bowl and gather rice flour and gram flour into a single unit with minimal salt. Blend every one of the fixings.

Stage 2

Then, at that point, take one more bowl and break the leftover egg in it. Beat it well. Then, at that point, heat oil in a skillet over medium fire. When the oil is adequately hot, dig the bubbled egg pieces in the flour player and afterward plunge them in the beaten eggs. In the wake of covering them appropriately, pour them to the hot oil and fry them until done.

Stage 3

Then, at that point, heat oil in a dish. Saute the ginger and garlic until brilliant. Add the onions, green chillies and salt. Fry until onions become brilliant. Add the seared egg pieces and mix well. Embellish the Egg Fry with coriander leaves and serve it your loved ones. It tastes the best when combined with green chutney.

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