This crepe cake with strawberry jam consists of buttery crepes topped with soft whipped mascarpone and juicy California strawberries. Layers of thin crepes on paper give the cake a sharp playful edge that looks like it took hours, but is easy to prepare and does not require opening the oven! The result is a sponge-like texture that tastes like a short strawberry cake. Sarah Menanix Recipe for Snixy Kitchen.

Cooking crepes: Since you will be cooking 20-24 crepes, we recommend using two pans at a time if you have two that will work. If the pan is too hot, it will be difficult to turn the batter into a little crepe because it will cook faster if you pour it into the pan, but if the pan is too cold, your edges will be too thin and brittle from it. the batter will not stick to the pan. It's okay to stain one or two crepe while you get the heat right for your stove.
Store the uncovered cake in the refrigerator for one day. If you store more than a day in the refrigerator, keep any leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator

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How to make Strawberry jam crepe cake