How to make your own hoop?

A hoop to hoop with, I really wanted to have it in the old days. It was a whole craze, and at school all the girls were hoopping, with the prettiest hoops.. If you didn't have a hoop, you didn't belong (almost) anymore! Luckily I was finally allowed to buy one too, so together with my mother went to the mall. I got to pick one, that was pretty hard to pick.! Eventually I chose a beautiful pink with lots of cheerful glitter colors. I was super happy, I remember that very well. And the shopkeeper, too, because he sold them like hot sandwiches.

Make your own hoola hope!

Did you know that you can easily make a hoop yourself? In the old days, they simply made a hoop from a long piece of PVC pipe. You can buy that cheaply in the DIY business. The hoop should have a cross section of 1 meter, so the pipe should be 3.2 meters long. You might also be able to have it cut to size in the store? They roll it up for you so you can easily take it with you.

  1. Insert a piece of wood half into one side of the pipe, it should just fit well into the pipe.
  2. Bend the tube around and insert the other side of the pipe over the other half of the piece of wood. (Do you still get him? )

Put the hoop on your hips and quickly move your hips from the left, back, right and forward. So big spin! Try to keep the hoop running. You can also turn it around other limbs, or around your neck, your foot, etc.. Or rotate multiple hoops. But I don't think I need to explain it any further.

You used to whoop too?


Photo: Kozi


Photo: Suveenmila

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