How To Properly Store Your Cigars

Adequate storage of Cigars in Toronto is of paramount importance to cigar enthusiasts. You wouldn't want to squander a lot of money by keeping premium cigars in a way that causes them to lose freshness and flavor. When the environment is too dry or too humid, cigars will dry out or absorb much more moisture, respectively. In fact, they will keep absorbing water until their moisture level equals that of their surroundings.

The act of smoking a moist cigar is unpleasant. It is challenging to keep it lit and even more difficult to pull smoke from it. And the smoke has a tendency to be thick, leaving behind a sour flavor and a pungent odor. The tobacco in a cigar must be at the appropriate temperature for combustion to occur.

To maintain the proper humidity and temperature of cigars, the following are the key factors that must be taken into account:


If you're looking for a superb cigar that will last you a long time and can be smoked frequently, the first step is to select one that is of good quality. Once you have purchased premium cigars from a reputable retailer, it is crucial to preserve them in a humidor. If you begin with substandard cigars, you will never be able to smoke nice cigars. Keeping undesirable cigars in quality humidors will not improve their quality.

Humidity and Temperature

It is essential that you keep a close eye on the humidity and temperature levels inside your humidor. It's not enough to just store your cigars in the humidor & ignore them after that step has been taken. If you want your cigars to retain their flavor and freshness for an extended period of time, you need to make sure that the temperature and humidity are kept at the ideal level. Temperature and humidity levels of 70% and a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit are considered to be optimum for cigars. Because of this state, the cigar's wrapper will not get damaged or moldy.

Humidors and Humidifiers

A humidor is an attractive box meant specifically for keeping cigars. A decent humidor will often include a removable tray and divider, making it simple to collect and store cigars. Additionally, the dividers help you arrange your cigars and provide quick access to anyone you choose to enjoy at any particular time. Humidors come in various sizes and styles. According to their capacity, they may hold anywhere from a handful to hundreds of cigars.

An active or passive humidifier can be used to maintain the relative humidity within the humidor. Active humidifiers are electrically driven and include a designed sensor that detects if additional moisture is required. Passive humidifiers aren't electrically driven and instead rely on fundamental vapor conduction to retain relative humidity within the humidor.  

If you store your cigars properly, their freshness and flavor will not diminish over time.