How to Record Screen on Adroid?

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In case you are someone who wants to capture the screen of your computer, this article is for you. You might be a professional looking to record your screen for a presentation, a software developer creating a tutorial, or looking to upload a video to YouTube. Windows and androids have built-in tools that allow you to capture screen activity. However, there are many third-party screen-capture applications available as well. Let us see the steps to get you started.

Android Screen Recorder

Screen recording is relatively easy across all devices. However, there are a few adjustments that might be necessary.
You can minimize the toolbar, draw on the screen and turn on your front-facing cam. Try to move the toolbar around the screen.
A recording is stopped when it is finished. To change additional settings, long-press the Screen Recorder quick setting icon.

ADV Screen Recorder

The ADV screen recorder allows you to record all activities on your screen. You cannot interact with the rest.
The button overlay will open and allow you to record, add a front-facing view, access your video collection, draw on the screen, and more
Tap on the record button to begin your video. You can also adjust the video orientation and microphone settings. The app allows you to control the overlay's transparency. It replaces the default icon with a custom image and adds text to it.
The app's button overlay may stay on your screen after you close the app. To remove it, long-press the icon and drag the icon over to the X at the bottom. To see Quick Settings, swipe down twice from the top to view the Quick Settings. Tap the "Screen Record” icon.
Now select if audio is to be recorded with the screen recording, or if you wish to show where your finger touches the screen. Swipe the buttons to turn on either of these options. Tap "Start" at the end.

Android: How to Do it?

Screen recording is relatively simple across all devices. You shall do a few adjustments further to record. To view quick settings, pull down the notification shade at the top of your screen. Tap the Screen recorder icon to give the device permission to record your screen. You might need to modify the default icons that are displayed. Decide what sound you would like to be recorded. Tap To start recording, a countdown will be displayed before a toolbar appears and the recording begins.
You can minimize the toolbar, draw on it, turn on your front camera, pause or stop the recording. You can move the toolbar and the selfie window around as you wish.
The video is saved to your phone's storage when a recording is completed. Long-press the Screen Recorder quick setting icon to access additional settings.

Editing and finding your screen recording on Android
Once your recording is done, you can find it in whatever default camera roll your phone has - most phones will have Google Photos.
1. Get the Google Photos app for your smartphone.
2. Tap the "Photos" button in the toolbar near the bottom of your screen.
3. Screen recording should be placed in the present-day section.
Google Photos can be used to edit your screen recording. You can trim the beginning and end of the videos to remove any unwanted parts.
1. Open Google Photos, and then start the screen recording.
2. At the bottom of the screen tap the edit icon. It is located in the middle of the screen, between the Share- and Trash icons.
3. Drag the bar at the bottom of your screen to the right. This will trim the beginning of the video. To shorten the ending of the video, find the exact spot where you want it to start.