Impersonating a facebook account? Shocking but it is quite true. Facebook accounts can also be impersonated. You might have heard about it or know someone who has had such an experience but you never truly know what it feels like until it happens to you. You have every right to feel frustrated and angry becauae someone is trying to impersonate you online.  Facebook's community standard is against Creating fake accounts with  other people’s profile and impersonating them so it takes appropriate measures towards rectifying such issues.

Whenever a fake account is reported, i'm guessing that the facebook team would not be surprised because they are very much aware that it's platform harbors many cloned and fake accounts. When you find a fake account relax and dont fret, this article will  guide you through the process of reporting such an account.

How to Find Out if Someone Is Impersonating You?

Inirder for you to report an account, uou have to make sure the account is fake. Although it is quite hard to differentiate the fake account from the real ones, it is still possible. To find out if someone has created a fake account with your name, go to Google and type in your name. Different facebook profiles will appear in the search results. Any of the profile that uses your name, photo and other personal information but links to a profile different from yours is a fake. Your friends may also inform you if there’s another profile with your name and photo sending them friend requests. Let them know immediately if the profile isn’t yours and that they should file a report for fake account.

How to Report a Fake Account

If a phony profile is pretending to be you, follow the steps outlined below to report it.

Step 1: Locate the profile of the fake account you want to report. You can do this by searching for the account name or asking your friends to send you the profile link if they have seen it.

Step 2: click on the three-dot at the bottom right corner of the fake profile’s cover page. From the menu displayed, select “Give feedback or report this profile.”

Step 3: Follow the instructions on the screen to file a report.

What Happens When A Fake Account Is Reported.

Reporting a Facebook account as false will makes the account to be  reviewed by a member of facebook security team. Upon conclusion of the review, it may remove the account from Facebook or mark it as potentially fake using a special indicator developed to fight spam and other types of abuse.

Fake accounts go against Facebook community standards so once it confirms the account is fake, it takes steps towards removing it. Note that when you report a fake account, your name and personal information will be kept confidential. Facebook will not share it with the person impersonator.

Facebook does not specify how long it takes to look into a fake account report or who reviews it. However, the online agreement says Facebook reaches out to the fake account telling them to remove the account and if nothing is done, they will disable it.


If you come across a fake Facebook account or page, the best course is to report it to facebook. You can also report an imprrsonator even though the fake facebook account isnt yours. You can do this by filling out a special form to report the impersonated account.
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How To Report a Fake Facebook Account?