How to repot a cactus?


Repotting a cactus is not something you do quickly. Cacti and succulents need special treatment.

  • Ordinary potting soil is not very ideal, you have to mix potting soil half a bit with sharp sand. (Sharp sand is actually just the same as river sand, but a bit coarser. Also crusher sand or masonry sand is suitable to mix with, as long as it makes the potting soil more airy).
  • At the bottom of the pot you put a thick layer of potshrapnel
  • With a thick glove you take cactus from the old pot, with the other hand you fill the earth.
  • Plastic jars are best suited for cacti, but do not take them too small.
  • After repotting, keep the cactus out of the sun for a few weeks, until it gets new carrots.
  • Do not water the cactus too much, its roots can rot
  • Repot your cactus once every 2 years, it is recommended to do this in April.

Photo: Milada Vigerova

We love cacti and succulents here, they actually need little care and they don't die soon.

Do you ever repot your cacti?


Photo: Klimkin


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