How to send tokens from the MetaMask extension?

How to send tokens from the MetaMask extension?

Have you ever heard about Web3 or decentralized internet? Well! Cryptocurrencies and dapps serve as the cornerstone of the decentralized internet or Web3. But you need a platform or gateway in order to use them. So, introducing a sleek, simple, and easy-to-use exchange to navigate decentralized space- MetaMask. 

If you don’t know, what it is? How does it work? Let’s discuss it first in a nutshell.

With the help of the Metamask Extension wallet, users can store their purchased Ether and other ERC-20 tokens safe. Along with this, you may consider it as a gateway to decentralized applications, or dapps.

Now heading up to elaborate on our core topic –complete guidance to send tokens via MetaMask extension.

What you’ll need:

The wallet address of the token receiver.

  • Sufficient balance of native tokens to pay a gas fee.

  • Make sure you are fulfilling these necessities and then you can proceed further to explore the way of sending tokens.

Steps to undergo to send tokens via MetaMask extension

  1. From the homepage of the MetaMask extension, ensure that you are in the account from which you wish to make a transaction, then click the "Send" button available at the center of the screen.

  2. Enter the recipient's public address at this point. Addresses that have previously been stored in your address book will be visible so you may pick up the address from there too.

  3. Fill in the number of tokens that you want to send and hit the “Next” button.

  4. You are now shown an estimate of your transaction's gas costs, which you may also modify. It is a good idea to double-check the recipient’s address before pressing "Confirm" to move on with the transaction.

  5. Now, you will land up on the home page, where you can click the "Activity" button to view a list of your most recent transactions.

Note- Likewise, the Metamask Sign in procedure is the same for ETH as it is for ERC-20, but before sending the tokens, ensure that the recipient’s wallet supports the tokens you are sending because it may lead to the loss of your coins if receiving wallet does not support the coins.

Bottom line

MetaMask extension allows you to store, trade and exchange multiple tokens such as Ethereum, all ETH-based tokens and Binance smart chain network-based tokens. In this blog post, we have studied the complete guide to sending tokens using the MetaMask extension. Sometimes this process may take a little longer, if you are having this issue, you can speed up your transaction by resubmitting the pending transaction by choosing the “Speed up” option.