How to start your own business?

Especially in the realm of eCommerce, starting a profitable firm does not necessitate a large cash commitment. You may start a business with little money and no inventory if you have a good business idea and the necessary equipment.

Drop shipping. On-demand printing. Storefronts on wheels. Once you've built up an eCommerce website or a company website, all of these enterprises build a speedy route to success, are easily scaled and altered, and need very little money initially.  

Get into the entrepreneurial spirit

Market research is the foundation of any successful company concept. Consider the following questions as you evaluate the market: What sorts of products or services fulfil the present market's demands? How might your skills assist you in finding new and inventive methods to satisfy those needs as an entrepreneur?

Consider the sorts of business models that will best assist you bring your concept to life once you've decided what you want to provide. A careful approach to launch is especially critical for budget-conscious business entrepreneurs - less money to invest means less money to burn while you find your route to success.

01. Run your own online store with dropshipping

Manufacturing, procuring, and holding inventory, as well as packing and transporting your items, are all significant expenditures in traditional retail models. Dropshipping is transforming eCommerce by removing start-up expenses by partnering with third-party providers that handle inventory and order fulfilment.

Dropshipping is also a low-cost approach to assess product-market fit and enables for company pivots without the sunk expenses of lost inventory for budget-conscious businesses. Dropshipping is a rapid approach to establish an internet business since it allows for speedy purchase of a product catalogue.

How to Get Started With Dropshipping

Connect a dropshipping solution like Modalyst, Spocket, or Syncee to your Wix account to begin dropshipping. Source items from millions of reputable vendors, including AliExpress, and sell them at the rates you establish on your online store. You may then use SEO tools to promote your business and drive customers to your website. Orders will be forwarded to your supplier and mailed straight to your client once they are received.

Choosing products to sell

You'll need to pick items to sell from your dropshipping provider before you start selling online. Take the time to define your brand and vision. Find out what consumers are buying by conducting market research. Before selling things in your store, consider their prospective interest, price, and profit margin.

Consider what people desire and how you might create a niche where your items can stand out within that market when deciding which business to start with a modest initial investment.

Look for distinctive things to source and sell, and sell a variety to avoid placing all your eggs in one basket. To make your online business easier to explore, try grouping your items into collections. Take the time to plan marketing and promotional activities that will save you time and money in the long run.

02. Get creative with branded products, designed by you

Print-on-demand services are similar to Dropshipping in that they give product inventories and a hands-off method of shipping straight to your consumers. In addition, Print on Demand allows you to produce one-of-a-kind, bespoke items.


Connect Printful or Printify to your online business to add a personal touch to items with print on demand. You collaborate with print-on-demand vendors to supply the merchandise, just like you would with dropshipping. Choose any customizable item, including t-shirts, phone covers, purses, and more, and add your own creative touch. Create graphics, phrases, or images to be printed on the things you've chosen.

Begin by customizing and selling your designs on your internet store by selecting from hundreds of distinct goods. Start a t-shirt company with humorous quotes. Make quirky socks with your pet images. Create stickers with your logo or brand-related graphics. Another interesting idea is to sell items with your own artwork.

You don't have to be a graphic designer to sell one-of-a-kind creations, though. To develop one-of-a-kind imagery for your print-on-demand items, hire and work with freelance artists on sites like Fiverr, 99Designs, or DeviantArt.

When you get an order, you may send it to more than 90 countries across the world. Send your orders to your preferred vendor while keeping track of everything from your Wix dashboard. Consider this: consumers all across the world will be wearing your one-of-a-kind creations.

03. Sell across multiple channels

By becoming an omni-channel retailer and selling across several channels once you've established an internet store, you may reach more people and enhance your revenues.

Consider omni-channel retail as a means to expand your low-cost firm throughout the internet while maximizing your online presence. You may enhance your client reach without increasing your overhead expenses by linking your online business to sites like Facebook Shop or Instagram. You can also advertise and sell your items on eBay and Amazon using Wix, and manage all of your orders and inventory from the same place.

AdScale might help you improve your online shop even more. This powerful Google Shopping software incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) into your advertising by automatically developing and optimizing advertisements across Google Shopping, Google Search, YouTube, and other platforms.

04. Shift your brick-and-mortar business online

If you own a physical store, you may adapt and expand your reach by selling online without significantly increasing your operating costs. Create an eCommerce website to sell products online, take payments online, and keep track of all orders.

Angel Gregorio, owner of The Spice Suite, had to adjust rapidly after quitting her position as a vice principal to launch her online store, as did many other company owners. Angel differentiated her business by incorporating her personal flair with the customizable templates she discovered on Wix eCommerce. Customers may examine her unique spice blends in depth by embedding videos, photos, and product galleries into her online store.

You may also make your restaurant or bar more eCommerce-friendly by increasing your website. Cleverchefs, a catering firm, went online and started selling restaurant-quality food boxes delivered to consumers' homes.

05. Create digital video content

Industries that have historically relied on face-to-face interactions, such as fitness, restaurants, and education, have shifted to hybrid or online models in the post-2020 world, and it looks that these changes will continue.

Digital content's accessibility gives it a wonderful platform for low-cost business ideas—online artists are interacting with their audiences through digital instruction videos, such as culinary demos and exercise routines that can be seen online.