How to stay in your attention as a blogger

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As a blogger, you started writing informative blogs, or you write stories, take photos, share your music and there are several bloggers on Yoors. It's fun that diversity of bloggers you see here on Yoors. It makes it exciting and interesting to watch and read. But how do you make sure that you stay in the spotlight as a blogger. Writing a blog is already a first step. You create a blog, put it on Yoors and then? Yes, people will read your blog, but is it enough to keep your attention? It depends on what you want to achieve as a blogger. Of course, we all want to be read, because we have created or written something that is worth. But if we want to keep our attention, it takes a little more to achieve that. We can start shouting “ATTENTION”, hahaha but we do not do that that way of course you would think, but actually we want that attention for our post. How can you get that attention and go over the Internet?. I'll give you ten tips on the basis of steps! Read you?

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step 1 - handing out hearts

Do not only read your own posts, but also read the posts of other bloggers here on Yoors and share a heart. That heart is a token of appreciation and you will find that if you give a heart it will be well received by the other. You will also make the other person curious, so that they may also find it worthwhile to take a look at your blogs. It's mutual respect for each other's work. If you like something really good, just double click on the heart and you can enter in the window that opens a few yps you want to give.

Step 2 - Share your blogs on social media

Reading is fun, but of course you want everyone to read your blogs. You can distribute your blogs on social media. Think Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, , Evernote, Buffer, Whatsapp, Tumblr or your own website. In short, there's probably a place where you can share your blogs. Think of groups on Facebook, such as blogger groups, but also groups that can be specifically the topic you blog about. And always use hashtags!

Step 3 - Leave a comment

Leave a comment under someone's post. With this you show appreciation to the creator and because you leave a comment, they will also leave a comment with your post.. Response to reaction is very powerful. Because of this you also often get new followers.

step 4 - Followers

Go follow people! Followers are important to your blogs. Because you build a group of people around your blogs, they will always return to your blogs. Involve your followers in your blogs, for example by asking them questions, notifying them of new things, by means of a newsletter they tell them the latest things you are going to do, etc..

step 5 - Fairshare

Do not just read the blog of others, but do you find the blog interesting or beautiful, fairshare it. That way, you help the other person to bring his or her mail to the attention. If you do this regularly for others, the other will do the same for you.. Fairshare is one of the most important tools here on Yoors.

Step 6 - Attractive Page

Get an attractive profile page of yourself here on Yoors. Make a fun headshot that attracts attention and adjust it occasionally. Tip: For example, with the seasons. I now have the crocuses in the header picture, but you can also use a fixed header photo that identifies you.. Get a nice passport photo or a picture if you don't want your face in the picture, but fill it with something attractive. So no gray header picture and gray passport photos. People like to know who is who. But be careful not to change photos too often, because you want followers and readers to recognize you. Also create a small introductory text describing who you are, what you do, possibly include a page or website.

Step 7 - Imagine

Show me who you are! Imagine using the hashtag #iamnewhere so that people can find each other there and they will read and follow you. Everyone likes to read more about the blogger who he or she is, what his or her hobbies are, what you are for a type of blogger.

step 8 - Polish and boosters

Periodically put a post in a pool. With it, you attract attention. Not only other people who are in the pool will read your blog, but also because you are in the pool you are visible to other bloggers and they could click on the blog out of curiosity or interest. Sometimes there are boosters that are distributed and you can also hand out one yourself to someone or more people.

step 9 - Promote

Nice to see that a new tool was launched this week, the promotional tool. I think it's a wonderful tool that you can use for yourself and that gives you insight into how well your post is running. Doesn't run so well, then promote him. It'll get you more than if you don't do anything.. And do you notice that the promotion did not give the result you hoped for, look critically at your post and change things in. Never give up! And promote again! It is also nice that you can also promote the other... make use of that, because you help the other person with it, but also yourself. Especially if you know someone who also writes or makes things related to your subject. Example: You create a blog about drawing and you see that multiple bloggers also create drawing blogs. Promote each other and the group of draughtsmen will be more attentive. Promote Yoors too, so that more people can discover Yoors and discover you!

step 10 - repeat

eat, drag, blog, repeat! Hahaha but it really is! Repeating, repeating, repeating is extremely important to keep your attention. And by repeating, I mean the following. Keep sharing your posts, update your posts once in a while with new information, keep your posts critically looking at your posts, a topic you've written about See if you can go deeper. Often there are a lot of topics or points that can be related to that one topic you wrote about. Advertising yourself and make sure everyone knows that you will be here not only today, tomorrow, but also in a few years.. Always look for how you can improve things. Below you can see some blogs about that that I wrote.

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