How to stop being sad

How to stop being sad

How often do you think about pass event especially a negative one? 

 How frequent do you nurse people's bad comment about you?

When you mess up some stuffs how do you feel?
Sad, right?

It is not bad to feel sad but when it occurs repeatedly then you have to do something about it. If not you might as well be dieing slowly without knowing it.

How to stop being sad

1. Do something about the problem

Stop dwelling in the problem, rather rise up and proffer solution to the problem.

If you want to reverse what ever it is that is making sad, try solving it.

Are you sick?
Make lifestyle changes, eat healthy foods take medication.

Facing bankruptcy?
Search for job.
Write or find someone to help you write a good curriculum vitae. Send out numerous application, I bet one or two will get back to you.

Speak back to your mind's voice
Oftentimes people tend to ignore the calm but resilient voice in them.

This voice keep reminding you of how ugly, empty, bad and terrible you are or performed.

Don't give in anymore, rebuke that voice. Tell it, it's all lies that you're so special, beautiful and did excellently at the job.

2. Learn to let go

Do you know holding so strong to wrongs did to you and the ones you did to yourself can end up hurting you the more?

So let is go. Forgive your offenders and forgive your self. This will help you build a more positive attitude than negative destructive ones.

3. Simplify your daily routine

How busy are you during the day? Complex work load can complicate your day.

This can result to feeling of inadequate and sadness. Since you might not have finished up your work or meet certain deadline.

To avoid anxiety and stressing yourself up; plan ahead of your day. Accept duties you can finish well and delegate the ones you can't complete as reequired.

4. Uplift your spirit

No matter how sad you are. They must be things that soothe your heart and revitalize you.

It could be taking a hot baths, listening to music, spending time in a garden, playing your favorite game or watching a movie that features your favorite actress.

Whichever one don't, fold your hands for to long. Stand up and find yourself.

5. Learn and study how you feel

Sadness is inevitable but one's attitude when sad is very important.
This is a fact you have to accept.

Do you neglect other people around you or hurt yourself each time you're sad?

Then it's quite destructive and could turn you into a monster. Sure you don't want that?

So next time you are saddened avoid certain behavior that affect you and others negatively.

It is better to move away from the place if many people are there, go take a walk, or cry if your heart ache so much - crying has a way of releasing built up tension and stress.

Then go take your bath, eat, sleep and have fun.

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