How to stop bloating

How to stop bloating

Have you ever felt uncomfortable some hours after eating? Do you always beige, gas or farth after eating a particular food?

Then, you might be having bloating.

Bloating is the accumulation of gas in the gastrointestinal tract which may cause swelling of the stomach and constant gasing.

Causes of bloating

Bloating can be caused by many things but most importantly by the activities of bacteria acting on undigested foods in the large intestine. The fermentative activities of these bacteria are what bring about gas production.

Also, consuming excess sugar and salt

Little or no fiber in food

Simple cure

Simple ways to stop bloating are chewing food properly, taking peppermint capsule, massaging the stomach, eating slowly and exercising among others.

How to stop bloating

1. Eat beneficial bacteria

Hey! Don't get it twisted because I know this really sounds awkward but is true. Infact, the best cure of bloating anyone should try, is eating probiotics.

Beneficial bacteria are also called probiotics. These are good microorganisms in the body that counteract the effects of harmful bacteria in the body and of course the bacteria responsible for producing excess gas in large intestine.

Probiotics can be bought from pharmacy shops but please use doctor's prescription.

However, beneficial bacteria are loaded in well fermented foods such as sauerkraut,miso, tempeh, wine, cultured yoghurt, cheese, cassava/ fufu, ogiri, ugba, burukutu and palm wine. Infact including a well fermented food in your diet would give you a cooling and calming effects you never imagined.

2. Replace carbonated drinks with water

Do you know carbonated drinks contain large volume of gas? Taking carbonated beverages will increase the level of gas in your system hence the irritating bloating. I am sure you don't want this.

So next time you want to drink soda or any other carbonated drink substitute it with water and have your peace. Or better shake off the gas (carbon (vi) oxide) in it.

3. Cut back on salt

Consuming excess salt can make the body to retain much water. This in turn might result to bloating.

4. Eat small portion at a time

Are you the type that can finish food meant for five persons? Then it high time you started cutting back on the amount of food you eat.

Small portion is better since bloating could result to sensitivity of the stomach to the food in it. So reducing amount of food eaten will reduce this sensitivity.

5. Discover your allergies and intolerance to some foods

Food allergy is uncomfortable immune response that occurs after consuming certain foods. That is the body immune system wrongly see protein in food as threat and hence fights against it.

Example of food allergies are peanuts, peas, beans and soybean.

Food Intolerance occurs when someone has difficulty in digesting some foods like lactose in milk, wheat and other foods.

Continually eating these foods will bring nothing but discomfort to these person and of course bloating in stomach.

Therefore avoid any food you are intolerant to or allergic to.

6. Eat Fiber rich foods

Foods high in fiber such as vegetables and fruits are highly recommended if you want to get better.

This fiber promotes bowels movement and prevent constipation. Once there is good bowels movement then the content of the large intestine can easily be excreted from the anus. Then, you tend to feel free and cool.

Have you ever felt bloated?

What did you do?




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