Ever imagined what the people you met somewhere think of you? Or what your friends and family members say about you in your back?

We all wished to be liked and cherished by everyone. But it is not always possible to be completely loved by all.

Know today that if everyone approves of every action you take then they may be something wrong with you.

Either you're not being yourself or you're always trying too hard to please people. When this happens one day you may lose their trust and love.

Effects of caring about what people say about you

1. You tend to lose you own voice

2. Your self confidence will diminish

3. Anxiety would always accompany you

Signs you care about what people say about you

You never say 'no'

You are a perfectionist

You react so easily to criticism both constructive and destructive criticism

You don't set boundaries

How to stop caring about what people say

1. Accept people's view

Accept the fact that people have the right to think whatever they want to about you.

It is natural for friends and strangers to have opinion about you and things you do.
Therefore you have to accept it and prepare your mind for what lies ahead.

But wait, do you know people are actually preoccupied with their own life.

Remind yourself always that people are very busy about what's going on in their life and barely have the time to think about your.

Your worries could just be mere illusions and nothing else.

Do you know you may be busy beating yourself up over how you performed or what you wore during an event, while no one even noticed you performed terribly. So stop worrying too much.

2. Accept Yourself

Even when people have negative opinion about you don't let it get to you so much.

When people look down on you, smile and pat yourself at the back.

When your boss or colleagues refuse to give you credit, don't cry or get angry. Smile, give yourself thumps up and take yourself out.

This will help you to develop special love for yourself and when you accept and love yourself other people would have no option than to fall in love with you too.

3. Build yourself confidence
You tend to care  so much about what is said about you when your confidence level is zero.

To avoid giving a dime about what people say. You need to beef up your self confidence. Create a special time of the day for meditating, listening to music, writing down your thoughts, exercising and defining the real meaning of life.  

This will help you discover who you really are, your likes and dislikes. Also during this time redefine your dreams and aspirations.

Do this often and you will get back yourself confidence.

4. Care about what you think about yourself

Studies has it that we tend to be harsher on ourselves than the way people are to us.

Be mindful about what you think about yourself. How often do condemn your actions and gut. It's high time you started being considerate and loving to yourself.

The more you judge and criticize yourself the more vulnerable you be to what others say about you.

4. Flee from toxic people
In as much as it's important to be nice to one's self, doing it with judgemental and sentimental people around you will always leave you chattered and forlorn.

These set of people are negative folks who never see silver lining in dark clouds. They keep on condemning and discouraging your every move.

In other words, avoid toxic people, they can be your friends, family members and colleagues. Stay with loving and caring folks. They will add more value to you.

Ever felt bittered about what other persons say about you? What was the experience like? Do you still feel the same?

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How to stop caring about what people say