Flatulence is not bad it's very important gas produced in the body system is released.

What embarrasses people is when it makes some pop sounds in public with detectable smell.

Some people farth regularly than others, some farth up to 20 to 30 times a day.

Causes of farthing

Irritable bowel syndrome
Intake of excess gas
Unhealthy lifestyle
Food intolerance

How to stop farthing

1. Stop eating fast

How do you eat your meals? Fast, slow or moderate? Rushing your food increases the amount of gas that enters your body system. So next time you want to eat, slow down, no need for the rush.

2. Avoid carbonated drinks

The easiest way to detect which drink is carbonated or not, is this; once there is formation of effervescence or tiny bubbles when the drink is opened or when it is shaked then it is a carbonated drinks.

Carbonated beverages are made by bubbling carbon (iv) oxide - a gas through the drink at a certain stage of the production process.

This gas serves as a preservative and impacts a refreshing and crispy taste to the drink.

Examples of carbonated drinks are soda, beer, most soft drinks and lots more.

Want to stop farthing?
Then you must run away from carbonated drinks.

Take water, coffee, tea or wine instead of carbonated drinks.

3. Stop talking while eating

Are you in the habit of talking each time you're eat?
You might be swallowing more air than you ever imagined.

Move away from people or friends when eating. Focus on the meal and nothing else.

4. Quit smoking

Do you know each time you smoke cigarette, weed or marijuana you swallow large volume of gas?

Smoking all the time means the volume of gas in you body system will definitely increase.

5. Eat probiotics
Probiotics are dietary supplements that contain healthy bacteria. Probiotics promote the microflora living in the gastrointestinal tract of man.

They are capable of breaking down the gas produced by the fermentative bacteria. Thereby reducing the effects on the body.

Probiotics can be purchased as dietary supplements to reduce the symptoms of digestive upset.

Common foods rich in probiotics Tempeh
Palm wine
Burukutu (and any other fermented food you know).

6. Reduce the intake of food triggers

Food triggers are foods which do not seem to digest well in physiological system of man.

Oligosaccharides are not often digested easily and tend to cause excessive gas production issues in some consumers.

Because they are moved to the large intestine undigested. And fermentative bacteria in there, break the oligosaccharides down resulting to gas production.

Oligosaccharides can be found in foods like cowpeas, peas, kidney beans and a lot others.

It is recommended to soak beans and some legumes for some hour or overnight to sprout before cooking.

This helps in reducing the oligosaccharides content of the food because they get broken down into simple sugars.

Moreso, other foods like lettuce, cabbage, cowpeas (beans), some fruits among others can cause farthing in some people.

7. Identify food intolerance

Which food are you intolerant to?

Food intolerance may result to digestive disorder and discomfort feeling affect eating a particular type of food.

Most people are intolerance to gluten in lactose, wheat and wheat products. Nonetheless before concluding that you have food intolerance consult your doctor so he can carry out some laboratory test in you.

However, if you are intolerant to any food, do well to avoid such foods.

8. Eat enzymes

Galactosidase is an enzyme that decreass the rate of farthing after consuming legumes like beans.

In addition lactaid help in digesting lactose in lactose intolerance folks. They are other enzymes that can be purchased over the counter.

Nonetheless, I recommend you always consult a medical practitioner before buying any one.

How often do you farth? Which food are you intolerant to?

How to stop farthing fast with just 8 simple steps