How to stop hiccups fast

Hiccups is irritating sounds produced from the snapping of the vocal cord due to the involuntary contracting of the diaphragm.

Hiccups frequently occur in infants.

Growing up those days mothers in this part of the world believe the best remedy to stop hiccups in children was by cutting out a thread from the baby's wear and placing the thread on her hair.

Sounds weird right?

But guess what?

It works, within some seconds or minutes the hiccups disappear.

This is still practice in some part of Nigeria although it works for infants.

In adults, hiccups can be very irritating, annoying and discomforting especially when it shows up in the middle of a date, interview or a party.

Causes of hiccups
Talking while eating
Eating too fast
Malfunctioning of the diaphragm
Carbonated beverages
Abdominal surgery
Side effects of certain drugs

Studies showed that hiccups can last from few minutes to few months.

When the duration of hiccups is long then, medical practitioner must be sought after.

Hiccups that last beyond 48 hours is definitely out of place and could be caused by

Nerve damage
Gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD)
Type 1 diabetes
Traumatic brain surgery

How to stop hiccups

Pull out your tongue

Research showed that bringing out one's tongue out can have a soothing effects on hiccups.

Take water

To get best result, take sips of water from a water can for about 15 to 20 times.

Sipping water increase the amount of water swallowed in a row and of course the holding of breath.

This slows down breathing and tend to calm the nerves of the diaphragm. This method works for some people.
But if it does work for you I recommend you drink the water quickly.

Because drinking water fast has reportedly worked for some people.


Try holding you breathe for some times because it can interrupt the reflex arc and stop the hiccups.

Swallow things

To stop hiccups fast swallow any edible thing that cannot make you to choke. Be it candy, sweet and some pieces of ice cream.

Press the carotid artery

Pressing carotid artery on the sides of the neck stimulate the vagus nerve in soothing the hiccups. Simply hold your neck up a bit and pinch the carotid artery with your fingers. Research showed that this works for some people.

Cool your hiccups

This involves applying ice wrapped in towel under the diaphragm untill the hiccups subsides.

The diaphragm is the tissue which separate the heart and other upper chamber tissues and organs from the stomach.

Studies have it that this method does calm and stop hiccups fast.

Place paper into your ear

The science behind this is just distraction. Placing papers inside the ear signals the brain and the brain gets distracted from its present duty.

Because it wonders what it should do with the paper as such the hiccups subsides unknown to the brain.

Drink hot tea or sauce

Drinking a very hot tea or sauce fast and promptly  to the extent of burning the tongue.

The sharp pain you will feel keeps the brain wondering what could be wrong and in turn distracts it.

The spasms of the diaphragm is slowed and reduced. Hence, the hiccups stop.

Ever bothered by hiccups? I mean, for long hours. What was the experience like?

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