How to stop smoking weed

Kid Cudi said "struggle is the enemy but weed is the remedy". Is this line of thought similar to yours?

Can you recall how you started smoking weed? Just think. You did recall right? Something led to that, be it friends, challenges of life and other factors.

But having discovered that it is very toxic to your health and wellbeing, you might have given it a second thought to quit smoking weed. But see yourself folding some more wraps to smoke again.

To some it's a way of forgetting all their problems yet to a lot others, it a way of deriving pleasure, having fun and enjoying life.

Stopping a bad habit is one of the hardest thing anyone can do but once you put in all your efforts, change will happen.

These steps are very important, follow it well and you will see a tremendous change in your life.

How to stop smoking weed

1. Accept the fact

Accept the fact that you are smoking weed. Don't be too mad at yourself for developing such a habit.

Tell yourself that it's okay. And promise yourself that you are going to quit the habit and of course, ask God to help you stop the habit, and he will come through for you.

2. Be specific on why you want to stop

Outline the reasons you want to stop smoking weed. State different health issues that might arise from smoking weed.

Ask yourself if you would love to experience any of such issues. If not, please quit smoking weed.

Weed smoking is one of the risk factor of heart disease , cancer of the lung and liver and numerous other diseases.

3. Don't be too hard on your self

The best way to quit addiction had never been outright denial, quote me any where.

Once you start off on the ladder of stopping this habit, don't start by not smoking at all.

Do you know why? A time will come when you might get so tempted to smoke then you may end up smoking the quantity you had never had since you started smoking.

So, the best thing to do is to allot certain amount of weed you will smoke every week; starting with normal quantity, to smaller quantity to the smallest quantity.

You could start from 5 wraps a week to 4 wraps, 3 wraps , 2 wraps, 1 wrap and finally zero wrap.

4. Change your friends and environment

We were all advised to be mindful of who we go out with.

" Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are", this  popular saying still holds. If you really want to stop smoking, it high time you changed your friends and your environment.

Where do you live? It might be difficult to start relocating but you can go out and mingle with purpose oriented folks.

They are in every locality, either in church, social gathering, sports club, gym and a lot other places. The more close you are to your old friends, the more tempted you would become to smoke some more and finally bounce back to where you were.

5. Remind yourself of your dreams and aspirations

Everyone here on earth wants to live amazing life but smaller percentage of these dreamers achieve it.

Which do you belong to, the former or the latter?

Don't give up on yourself, gather together the pieces of your shattered self. List all your dreams and aspirations in a book, look at them everyday.

Ask yourself this, will continually smoking weed bring you closer to your dreams?

Of course not, therefore, go chase your dreams till you get it.

Chasing your dreams would help distract you from your addiction.

One popular quote has it that "the moment you want to quit is the moment you need to keep pushing".

So don't quit chasing your dreams, push a little more harder.

6. Develop yourself

Developing yourself can come in different ways. If you already have a job, that's okay.

It means your daily routine involves; waking up in the morning, dressing up, rushing to work, getting back home late and tired and of course smoking weed to cool off or forget your worries.

However, this advice is for everyone, whether you have a job or not.

Go learn a skill. There are a million and one skills these days, go learn one or two.

Ever asked yourself how long you would continue to work for someone?

Developing yourself helps you build your capacity, build your business and brand.

This keeps you too busy to remember your addiction.

Are you battling to stop smoking but it seems impossible?

Do you have a friend or sibling or smokes but willing to stop smoking.

Please do share this post to them.

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