How to stop vertigo

Ever felt as though you are spinning? Or the room where you are is spinning uncontrollably?

Then you might be having this symptom called vertigo.

Vertigo is a sensation that the environment where you are is moving round in a very fast pace.

This symptom is quite a very tough one because you could barely find your balance whenever it starts. And you know what , your daily routine will be seriously affected.

Vertigo is a symptom rather than condition, it can last between few seconds to several days.

Other symptoms that are linked to vertigo
1. Loss of balance
2. Feeling of sick
3. Dizziness
4. Nausea

Causes of vertigo
Do you know the ear is an organ responsible for balance? Sounds weird? But that's right.

1. Labyrinthitis is the development of problems in the inner ear especially infection
2. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)
3. Migraine headache
4. Inflammation of vestibular nerve

1. Personal care
Giving yourself attention is paramount in getting better. You must make out time for yourself could help alleviate the pains and symptoms of vertigo.

You can do the following to help yourself

1. Do easy exercise regularly
2. Sleep with your head a bit raised on two or more pillow
3.When getting up from bed, ensure you do it slowly and sit for some minutes before finally standing
4. Stop bending down,you can at least ask for help each time you want to pick up items
5. Don't move your head ata fast pace, move it slowly

2. Vestibular rehabilitation
This treatment is focused on training the other parts of your body or senses to compensate on vertigo.

This therapy also helps to strengthen the vestibular system. The vestibular system usually send signal to the brain about the movement of head and body in relative to gravity.

3. Canalith repositioning maneuver
This technique involves moving away the calcium deposits the canal into the inner ear for easy absorption into the body. This is a very safe technique but can be done with the help of a doctor.

4. Surgery
Surgery is the last resort when vertigo is caused by other inherent and external factors like tumor and injury on the neck and head.

5. Medication
Drugs are always given the the patients to eliminate pains and symptoms of vertigo like nausea and motion sickness.

Steroids and antibiotics are administered when the main cause of vertigo is infection. It tend to eliminate swelling.

Diuretics prescribe to reduce pressure from fluid build up.

6. Semont maneuver
This exercise is mainly done to prevent dizziness. It is preferable to repeat it four times until you feel no dizziness for whole day.

1. Sit steadily on the edge of your mattress
2. Move your head 45 degrees to the right
3. Quickly lie down on your left side for 30 seconds
4. Quickly lie your right side, try not to change the direction of your head. Ensure it's kept at 45 degrees alone.
5. Slowly sit-up on your initial position
6. Repeat this step many times a day but stop once the symptoms subsides

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