How to survive in Venezuela without a fixed income



You can work and earn money online in Venezuela in many ways, perhaps the best known are the classic pages that pay to see advertising, complete surveys or solve captcha without investing a single penny.
Another way to earn money is with Google AdSense, creating videos for YouTube or with a blog. You can also generate income online by offering services and products through social media.

The latter has experienced exponential growth throughout the world due to the pandemic, especially in our country. I know that, due to our current economic situation, for the vast majority it is impossible to make even a minimum investment. One of the ways to earn money online in Venezuela where your only investment will be your time and you will only need an internet connection, a smartphone or a computer.

Be careful, if you are one of those who wants to earn money online quickly and easily, this is definitely not a post for you, in fact, there is no such thing, or at least I do not know that magic formula.

there is no shortage of acquaintances, friends or neighbors say:

Hey, can you teach me to work online?

With that idea that they think that we turn on the computer and Bingo wins $ 100 but friends, I'm sorry, it is not like that.

Entrepreneurs in Venezuela are the result of people who refuse to leave the country and who fight every day in our homes for our family and try to satisfy basic needs without working for any establishment for a miserable minimum wage of $ 3 a month which established by the national government, Entrepreneurs in Venezuela are the people who reinvent ourselves who educate ourselves by looking for courses through you tube to learn new skills and then we sit at our computer for up to 16 hours a day making job proposals on freelancer platforms offering our services until we are accepted.

Or are we that person.What day do they have to study cryptocurrency icos and follow up until they have value and consider it a profit?

Fighters, we are the ones who stay, not the ones who leave.