1. First, stop writing essays INSTEAD of the child. If you write creative works instead of your son or daughter, they will never learn to do it on their own. Each person learns to walk, run and eat CAM. What if you do it instead of him? Do not feel sorry for the child, let him make some mistakes himself, just "push" his thoughts a little, tell me what can be said in the essay, but in no case do not do a "disservice".

2. Second, how do our children write essays? Rewriting from critical literature, downloading from the Internet, and even easier - each other at recess. Can you learn anything like that? Of course not! The essay should NOT be written off criticism. Criticism is only the direction of movement of thought, since criticism is someone else's thoughts. Yes, and one more thing: children, rewriting criticism, do not change the "smart" phrases of the academic essay writer. And, as you know, the style of an adult's text differs from the style of a child's speech. Therefore, any, even the most wonderful, criticism will be noticeable to the teacher, and the assessment of the result may suffer precisely because of the criticism.

3. Thirdly, in order to teach how to write an essay, you need to know the technology of writing each type of creative work. If the essay-description has only three main parts, which must necessarily be in the essay (introduction, main part and conclusion), while the structure of each part is not specified separately, then in the essay-reasoning each of the parts of the work must have specific features characteristic only of this creative work features. To write an essay correctly, you need to know all these points. More on this in our article, but a little later.

4. For the successful implementation of creative work, it is necessary to carefully listen to the teacher's recommendations for each type of creative work. Therefore, you need to convince the child that listening to the teacher in the lesson, if not necessary, is VERY WISH. After all, the success of the child will depend on this!

P.S.: This is a small post of my thoughts on teaching children. Maybe this will be useful!

How to teach a child to write essays?

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