How to tinker a llama?

The llama, what a funny animal. He is sometimes called sheep camel! His coat consists of thick wool. They can have all kinds of colors, from white to reddish-brown and gray to black, both plain and with spots. Lamas are very strong animals and they are often used, like the donkey, to carry heavy stuff. They can carry up to 50 kilos.

The llamas that are tinkered here are not that strong. They are simply made of a paper plate. From one plate and some markers, you already make a llama for yourself. Of course, you will also need scissors, glue and your hands for a moment:)

Making it is very simple: Cut the plate in half, draw the head, legs and tail on the back like the example. Cut out the parts and glue them. Put a clothespin on it for a few minutes, so that the glue can dry equally well.

No matter which side of the sign you choose, you can do both! Also, you could simply staple the parts with a stapler. That is of course a lot easier and faster, but you can still see the staples.

Then you can color it with markers or paint. Or you can paste colored paper, a nice piece of fabric, beads, mini pompontjes, etc. on!

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