How to Train Your Dragon is revolved around a high school Viking named Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) who lives on the island of Berk with the remainder of his clan. Throughout the seven ages, Berk has been persistently struck by mythical beasts of every unique species, provoking a conflict among them and the clan. Like every youthful Viking on Berk, Hiccup is relied upon to battle and kill a winged serpent to be viewed as a genuine Viking. In any case, he is tiny for a Viking of his age, can barely lift and utilize customary Viking weapons, and even tends to cause mishaps. His dad is Stoick the Vast (voiced by Gerard Butler), who is likewise head of the clan, and attempts to keep Hiccup inside as frequently as could be expected.

The plot

During one specific assault on the town, while working his post in Gobber's (voiced by Craig Ferguson) smithy, Hiccup chooses to substantiate himself as a Viking and catch a mythical serpent utilizing his techniques rather than standard Viking ruthlessness. Utilizing a bola shot from a gun he planned and fabricated himself, Hiccup is thrilled when he hits a mythical beast in mid-air, believing it's the uncommon and hazardous Night Fury. Having not focused on the disorder, no other person in the town accepts him because nobody at any point even saw a Night Fury, not to mention cut one down.

Hiccup goes to the timberland at Raven Point to bring back the winged serpent's heart as evidence to Stoick. In the interim, Stoick and Gobber examine Hiccup's conduct, after a gathering is held in the Great Hall, and how to make him into an appropriate Viking. Albeit at first reluctant, Stoick consents to enroll his child into Dragon Training in the expectation it will harden him up and give him basic instincts before planning to lead an undertaking to take out the Dragon's Nest.

After scarcely enduring a Deadly Nadder in Dragon Training right away a short time later, Hiccup endeavors to draw nearer to the Night Fury by offering a fish. The winged serpent's mentality, careful after detecting his belt blade, incredibly works on after Hiccup throws it away in the inlet pool to demonstrate his expectations. It circumspectly takes the contribution of fish utilizing its retractable teeth and disgorges some of it to impart to Hiccup.

To remain in great conditions, Hiccup takes a nibble of the crude fish (presently covered with winged serpent's slobber) and is compelled to swallow with some nausea as the mythical beast observes hopefully, and is shocked to see the winged serpent endeavor to emulate a grin. In any case, his endeavors to contact the Night Fury make it take off to the opposite side of the bay. Later that very day while endeavoring to rest, the Night Fury is interested Hiccup hasn't left and strolls over to see the kid drawing a blueprint of the mythical beast's head in the soil.
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How to train your dragon